Trying MemoLane (social timeline)

Trying MemoLane on David Ing’s recommendation. It organizes blog posts, Twitter posts, Facebook entries, and other social information into a rather pretty timeline. This has been done before, but Memolane does have a pretty interface.


Wish it could pull in all of my old blog posts and tweets, though! =)

Potentially interesting feature: collaborate with other people on a timeline. Hmm…

3 responses to “Trying MemoLane (social timeline)”

  1. Lex says:

    Thanks for the tip. The whole idea of a social timeline is new to me, but really interesting. I’ll try it out. Is Memolane your favorite one?

  2. Sacha Chua says:

    Haven’t really decided on any one visualization yet. =) Happy to try out others!

  3. David Ing says:

    @sachac These technologies seem to take less time to set up, than to explain. It’s interesting to try out the technologies when they’re new, and see where they evolving.

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