Tweaking the fingerprint settings on my Lenovo X220T

When I picked the options for my laptop, I made sure I included a fingerprint sensor. I like being able to log on to my laptop using my fingerprint. It’s faster than typing, and I don’t have to flip it out of tablet mode. I’m glad that the LastPass password manager can use a fingerprint to authenticate, too. Neat!

Here’s how I tweaked my fingerprint scanning to fit the way I like to work even more. First, I opened the Lenovo – Fingerprint Reader settings in my Windows Control Panel. I unchecked Use fingerprint scan instead of power-on button. I don’t mind pressing the power button, and I think this will save a trickle of power.

Then I clicked on More settings and unchecked Enable indicator lights on sensor. This turned off the green LED that had previously been a little distracting. The fewer bright things I have in my field of vision, the better. Tada!

I think it’s incredible that I can authenticate using a fingerprint. I know it’s been around for a while, but it’s still amazing to think of how the algorithm might work. Hooray for all the geeks who worked on making this possible.

4 responses to “Tweaking the fingerprint settings on my Lenovo X220T”

  1. Noorul says:

    So you have become more of a Windows user.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi Sacha!

    I was wondering if you have installed Linux in your X220T and if so, if your stylus was working properly for drawing and hadwriting.

    I installed Ubuntu on mine today, and it doesn’t seem to work!

    Thanks :)

    1. Sacha Chua says:

      I’m running Linux as a virtual machine, so I haven’t needed to get tablet drivers working yet. Try the latest Ubuntu – I remember it worked on my X61 beautifully.

  3. Andrea says:

    Thanks Sacha :)

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