Tentative Osaka plans

- Work tomorrow
- Leave MSI at 5:40 and arrive at TKC by 7:30.
- Shower and change into casual clothes. Pick up bags and phone.
- Leave TKC by 8:30. Be in Shinjuku by around 10:30. Make it to the bus with plenty of time to spare.
- Saturday: Wander around. Attend conference. Check into ryokan, change into provided yukata.
- Sunday: Change shirt, possibly pants (bring spare). Wander around. Find a nice public bath or onsen. Take night bus back.
- Monday morning, arrive in Shinjuku at around 6:00. Change into business clothes and go to work.

Stuff I need to bring:

- mobile phone charger
- laptop, charger
- Debian keysigning papers
- A day or two’s worth of clothes.
- Money, misc.

Possibly have these brought:

- business shoes
- business clothes for Monday: white turtleneck, pleated black skirt.