Learning Japanese? Here are some useful resources

One of my friends is planning to learn Japanese, so I thought I’d put together some tips for him and for other people.

If you’re planning to learn Japanese, I have some Japanese-related bookmarks on del.icio.us that you might find useful. =) You might also want to check out what other people have bookmarked for japanese+language.

I particularly recommend this quick and dirty guide to Japanese, Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC and the example sentence search. You can download the examples file from the FTP server for totally awesome local lookup. I wrote some code in Emacs to make this easier (and to insert random taglines into my blog posts =) ).

Good luck and have fun!

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9 responses to “Learning Japanese? Here are some useful resources”

  1. Pierre says:

    Hi Sacha,

    Have you ever tried LRNJ? http://lrnj.com/

    (Available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux!)


  2. Wojciech says:

    Hi Sacha, thanks so much for posting this! Your links are definitely useful, and I’ll keep you updated as I progress.

    Pierre — thanks for the link, playing video games *and* learning Japanese? I love it.


  3. Cameron D says:


    September 10th, 2003:

    She’s one step ahead of you ;-)

  4. Tala says:

    Sacha, thank you for these links! I’m also just starting to learn and these will surely come in handy.

  5. arina says:

    arigatou gozaimasu..
    ur links r very useful…
    I’ll often to open it,lol…

  6. Philip Seyfi says:

    I recently finished my new Japanese educational game and reviewing tool NihongoUp. It can improve one’s kana typing speed as well as help one review the kanji, vocab and particles.

    Feel free to try it out at http://nihongoup.com/ :)

  7. Philip Seyfi says:

    Hi again!

    Just a heads up that NihongoUp has become http://japanese.lingualift.com/ – a much more ambitious project for Japanese learners.

    I’ve also launched a free kana email course at http://kana101.com/

    Hope you’ll take a minute to check them out…


    1. Sacha Chua says:

      Great, thanks for the update!

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