Weekly review: Week ending March 15, 2009

From last week:

  • Finish phase of Transition2 project. Now doing testing and documentation.
  • Prepare and deliver career talk on “Making a Name for Yourself”. Talked to approximately 30 people.
  • Print out all the paperwork I need. Sigh, paperwork…


  • Experimented with TimeSvr
  • Talked to my mom
  • Ran into usability problems with Tungle, switching back to Timebridge
  • Nursed a cold
  • Picked up a scanner/printer that works with Linux

This week:

  • Set up Dragon NaturallySpeaking on our desktop
  • Fix defects detected during Transition2 testing
  • Update all the user documentation for Transition2
  • Saturday: Deliver short talk to Drupal Peru on Totally Rocking Your Development Environment
  • Chat with Jeff Widman regarding outsourcing
  • Explore Batchbook for contact management
  • Look for a web-based GTD-compatible task management system that integrates well with e-mail; RTM? Batchbook?

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