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Just got a fantastic overview of Emacs orgmode ( from @wdenton. Looks absolutely fantastic!
7 months Toronto, ON 
We're gonna need to take this @LEGO_group AT-AT home from #ToyFair2014. You know, for research.
What the heck...gonna submit a sketchnote for @mikerohde 's upcoming book. Excited. ::
7 months Seattle 
The #Sketchnote itself.
@kylwm @sachac Although I've used emacs for decades, I just got a big boost from @dysinger [in reply to]
7 months Utah 

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I've been using index cards a lot lately for note taking. So too has @sachac, and I dig the ideas she shares here:
1 week Eugene, Oregon 
I like the idea of an “income quilt” /via @sachac
1 week the world 
Oh good, spending too long on decisions that don’t matter has a name - /via @sachac
1 week the world 
Enjoying @sachac blog to break away from corporate life - reminds me that life is about other things
2 weeks Sydney, Australia 
Cute - Being good to each other is so important, guys. /via @sachac
2 weeks the world 

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@lisatorjman presenting the 2030 voting system The Gladstone
5 years Toronto 
dog lover
2 years 919 www brain mindmap tv 
Gettin' keys to my new apartment. :)
3 years Los Angeles, CA 
In my new place :) Thanks to @Allan Kelley and his dad for helping me move.
3 years Los Angeles, CA 
Oooh. My second UCLA Graduation season. Not yet mine though ;p.
3 years Los Angeles, CA