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Between 1500 to 6000 words for a feature article, and

800 to 3000 words for an opinion column.

In the beginning of your article, tell the reader—in a captivating
way—what your article is all about. Be sure to place your article
into a broader context. Remember, our audience is composed of
informed, multidisciplinary students. Readers must first learn the
context of your subject before they can understand how your work
changes the field or affects their decision making process.
Anecdotes are entirely appropriate.

Acronyms do not take articles. Active voice replaces passive voice
whenever possible. Systems, programs, commands, routines, and so on,
however, appear in small capital letters. Use he/she, not he or she
alone. If possible, rewrite sentence to use ‘they’. Use the singular
pronoun I (not we) for a singular author. Use that in restrictive
clauses (those without a comma) and which in nonrestrictive clauses
(those with a comma). Use while to mean “at the same time” and
although to mean “in spite of the fact.”

ACM Writing Guide

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