philippine network gaming alliance?

Here’s an ad that came out in today’s “The Philippine Star”.

If you wish to “CONTINUE” register your shop with the Philippine Network Gaming Alliance (P.N.G.A.) and obtain a Commercial Site License for your Network Gaming Center. Otherwise, we will PULL THE PLUG on your business. Call the hotline (02) 911-AMDG and register only with authorized agents. Agent profiles are available at Only check payments are allowed. Make checks payable to Asian Media Development Group.

(logos of Blizzard, Starcraft, Diablo II, Warcraft III, Counterstrike, Aliens versus Predator 2, Empire Earth, Sierra)

Violators will be subject to civil and criminal sanctions such as closure, imprisonment of up to 9 years and fines of up to Php1,500,000.00.

Are they legitimate? Doubt it. Will be very annoyed if they aren’t
legitimate, and will definitely mention it when I talk about ethics
and computer science. According to Eric, Counterstrike is free. Hence
there is something very fishy about this whole deal. I may not be able
to do anything about the people who will fall for this, but at least I
can help students realize that this is important.

UPDATE 2003.09.25: Looks like they check out, but they’re still using
strong-arm tactics and I don’t think they’re telling people about
alternatives like Linux or WINE.