Yesterday’s CS party

Yesterday I had a thanksgiving party for the computer science faculty
and staff. People who went: Dr. Vergara, Dr. Manalastas, Sir Olpoc, Sir Mike,
Sir Maguyon, Ate Lisa, Ate Marivi, Reagan, Sir Mark, Ate Nanette, and
Maan. We played Trivial Pursuit for a short while, but found the
questions too America-centric. Taboo! was a lot of fun. Here’s an excerpt:

Sir Maguyon (? Who was it?): Doc Mana is a… ?
People: Pervert! Sex maniac!
(Turns out the word was “sexist”.)

Then we had grilled steak, salmon and sausages, with portabello
mushrooms and vegetarian pizza for Doc Mana.

It was lots of fun.

Also, got invited to the faculty R&R this 2003.04.14 and 2003.04.15. Practically
required to bring games along.