Mail fix

Okay, hmm.

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to properly route my mail. I
have two main mail accounts – my address and my
address. At home, I can send mail from any account I want, but I have
to use the web interface (IMP) to check my account for
messages (no POP/IMAP in! pfft). In school, I can poll both accounts,
but I can only send mail from my account.

I’ve more or less decided to:

– Set my from: and reply-to: to my [email protected] address.

– Subscribe my [email protected] address to all the mailing lists, but

set my delivery options to nomail.

– Yahoogroups should handle it appropriately.

– Pro: Personal replies tend to get past the mailing list stuff.

– Con: I need to be able to inform everyone when I no longer have an account.

Probable solution:

– Use [email protected] in my .signature, so that people who run

across my messages will still be able to reach me.

Sounds like a plan!