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Notes on the minutes

– Dr. Beni: JGSOM
– Dr. Intal
– page 3: Dr. Rodrigo 4th line, “paint jobs”, not “pained jobs”
– page 6: 5.6 – Lani Santos should be Gng. Corazon Lalu Santos

  1. 3, last 2 lines: faculty association; not sure if he had said that.

    Not sure if quoted directly.

  2. 4 samahan as union; samahan should be association. Reyes
    – page 9

approval of the minutes: 4:50 pm
Fr. Roche, Babian …?

Curriculum Revisions (MA and PhD psychology): 10 minutes
Dr. Montial

Changing the graduate programs in psychology
– adding a nonthesis track for all the four MA programs
– PhD: changing the social psychology track to social organization

Spirit: want to make the MA level really strongly applied for
professionals who are working and applying knowledge out in the field,
and PhD more for those who want careers in the academe or in research.
Stronger scholarly aspect.

Overview of the changes
Powerpoint slide. Thesis track, non-thesis track.
Developmental psychology
Applied social psychology

Non-theses: Master of Psychology instead of Master of Arts in Psychology

Developmental psychology track reason: focus on child psychology
before, but now more on human development across all stages in life,
including old age. (Don’t worry, you’ll be included here.)

Social and Community Psychology: focus of social psych around 20 to 25
years ago. Now applied social psychology track, will tend to cover
issues tackled by social scientists – peace, environment, women…

PhD in Social Psychology to PhD in Social-Organizational Psychology:
industrial psychology niche

Admission: additions. More industrial experience needed in non-thesis.
Coursework: classroom courses are the same. Main difference –
culminating project. Developmental psychology tracks.

Nature of the non-thesis substitute (culminating project)

Purpose: apply knowledge and do projects that will be useful for
current and future practitioners in their areas of concentration.


Course changes that will accompany the proposed changes in the programs

Ateneo College Education Survey



– Detdet, psych: ask the research team for recommendations for further

follow-up research? Placement: We wanted to give the same
questionnaire to the next batch of graduates, and also follow-up
studies by school. Detdet: Would be nice to hear what the students
have to say – individual interviews, focus groups…

– Ricky: Spurious correlations? The difference between schools might

be a function of gender. (Placement: we could do that as a followup)

– The history guy: alumni?

– SOSE can enlighten us about the patterns that appeared this

afternoon? Placement: Dr. Dayrit?

Basic Courses for Freshman Year