Package name : juman Version : 4.0 Upstream Author : Sadao Kurohashi <[email protected]> URL or Web page : http://www.kc.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/nl-resource/juman.html License : BSD Description : a Japanese Morphological Analysis System

JUMAN is a morphological analysys system. It can segment and tokenize Japanese text string, and can output with many additional informations (pronunciation, semantic information, and others). It will print the result of such an operation to the standard output, so that it can either written to a file or further processed.

A first version of the package is available at http://namazu.org/~tsuchiya/debian/juman/


(draft; I’ll write this up someday)

I have come to the conclusion that a holiday should not be treated as
a day to catch up on work – or sleep, for that matter. The hours seem
to pass much faster during holidays. One hour blurs into the next and
it is night before I notice. Little work is done. To top it all off, I
feel guilty about spending the day indoors, cooped up, doing the same
things I always do. It is a holiday, after all – a day meant for
relaxation and celebration. Yet when I relax, I feel guilty about not
working – such is the peril of setting aside a holiday for work!

I am of the firm belief that holidays should be memorable. They should
be a refreshing break from the humdrum monotony of our everyday lives.
A holiday’s benefit, indeed, is that break from the everyday world
(hints of Marcel?) and a chance to contemplate what matters.
Recharged, then, I should be ready to tackle the challenges of the
workplace with renewed vigor.

I resolve to live the next holiday. I shall use the day to get in
touch with old friends or revive old hobbies. It will be a day to
experiment, to reflect, to celebrate life. It will be a day to