Intrams and Pisay Curriculum

This rant’s from Julius B. Legaspi III:

Thank you for those who sent their comments so far.
Rest assured I will try to accommodate your inputs.
Before we engage in endless debate (all talk no
action), the SA’s appeal is only to try bringing back
the Intrams again (as any other high school, special
or not does). Sports development is a basic teenager
right! The disappearance of the Intrams and support
for varsity teams are just symptoms of a BIGGER
problem. We cannot solve EVERYTHING right away but we
have to start somewhere.

I’m MAD because I see those who really wish to work
hard and yet their efforts are never enough to do
well. I’m not talking about the exceptionally gifted
but the ordinary Pisay scholar who simply strives to
be the best he/she can be. Ito yung tipo na may
schedule pero pag pinagkasya nila lahat ng gagawin,
kinakain ng mga kung anu-anong requirement pati oras
ng pagtulog at weekends. Isn’t anything SACRED
anymore? Besides you are only YOUNG once! Kahit high
IQ ang isang bata, bata pa rin siya. I’m not defending
the SLACKERS although some of my students and
non-students accused me of coddling them. NO! I really
wished to understand EVERYONE! To answer the
naysayers, I can cite a lot of students who were
written off in high school who are now the BEST
persons they could be. Since I gave them leeway then
and guided them accordingly, they have gained the
confidence they may have lost during their Pisay
years. There might be a loophole in the entrance exam
but still we have to hope that you have to take it
twice, somehow mahirap na mambola to get yourself in.
Sabi nga ni Dr. Penano-Ho, head ng Phil. Gifted
Association, these are the ‘cream of the crop.’ How
come in certain subjects most of the students fail?
Shouldn’t we be alarmed with that na parang charade
lang pala ang klase? Teachers try to finish the
lessons kahit konti lang nakakaintindi. Estudyante,
magpapanggap na kaya na hindi naman. Tapos, pagdating
ng exams, bagsakan. Ano, solusyon? Tutors? (No offense
to those who offer this service, it was my bread and
butter then in college). But dependence on tutors only
make the classroom irrelevant. Di na makikinig sa
teacher dahil may magpapaliwanag naman later. Nagturo
pa ang teacher. Umattend ka pa ng klase.
Magkanya-kanyang tutor na lang sila lahat. MORO-MORO
(no offense to the Moros) ang nangyayari.

Yes, Pisay is a special school so don’t give
importance to the arts and non-science endeavors. We
can still true to our mandate when we provide AVENUES,
OPPORTUNITIES for students to dabble from time to
time. Take note dabble not really specialize. Who
knows? Their calling might really be in the arts.
MAGPAKATOTOO NA TAYO. All your college life, di ka
masaya sa course mo dahil may kontrata ka sa Pisay.
Ano mangyayari? Matagal ka gagraduate dahil babagsak
sa walang gana o di talaga kaya. You end up becoming
miserable and might even commit the greatest
injustice, take away your life, ending all of your
posssibilities. If you’re meant somewhere else, follow
your HEART. Even Pisay acknowledges people like Butch
Dalisay, Jessica Zafra, a music conductor, a
powerdance instructor, chefs, homemakers because
though they didn’t end up as strictly scientists and
engineers, their Pisay training made them more
effective in those non-science endeavors. Being
scientific means being effective in whatever you do.
Making things better is TECHNOLOGY. You are only
effective if you LOVE what you do. If you love what
you do, you do it BETTER then SOCIETY benefits.
Development is never far for people who are happy and
at PEACE with themselves. They have a sense of

I’m not pulling YOUR legs. Go to Friendster, read
those testimonials. I think in my own small way, I was
able to empower each and every one student I met.
Since they believe in THEMSELVES, I know CHANGE will
come. It may not be NOW but IT WILL. These replies to
my sincere letter are only the tip of a snowballing
affirmation that we are zeroing in on something. Some
of them might teach in Pisay, become directors, become
DOST staff, or even government officials. If they
don’t forget that they were once students, they will
be more sympathetic.

Why am I very optimistic? I have some students who
already graduated and still studying who have
developed attitudes that will help this country rise.
You may accuse me of grandstanding since I’m
migrating. I won’t be part of the change. Love for
one’s country knows no distance. I can still inspire
people even when I’m away. Some are already doing it.
I’m so happy this school year that I have also gained
the courage to also reach out to students who are not
in my class. I may not be able to teach the lower
years but some are already enlightened.

Proof that things are changing. This Thursday they
agreed to give students a break. Especially for the
4th year, this was IMPORTANT! Do you know that after
periodic exams, they had to put up the FAIR in October
take note! Yet, while they were doing that some were
still taking post-quarter requirements. Ang intindi ko
pag post-quarter para lang sa mga mag-mamake-up pero
ibang usapan na kung buong klase may post-quarter. Any
logical person would ask: di pala kaya sa isang
quarter bakit pinipilit? If you recall my point in the
earlier letter, some of the topics uulitin din naman
sa college. Case in point: among the science subjects,
bio lang ang wala halos bagsak and most of those who
graduate end up taking bio. Why? The Bio unit really
took to heart their students pleas. They reviewed
their curriculum and only retained the essential ones,
yung talagang basic na kelangan nyo in the future if
you wish to pursue the field. Masaya sila sa Bio. May
sense of wonder. They really feel they are learning
not just cramming stuff in their heads. Sabi nga ni TJ
of 01, pakialam ba nya sa mga equations kung sa field
niya wala naman siyang relevance. Imagine if all
teachers insist that the world revolves around their
subjects. If you are a HS student, you are like
working for 10 bosses. Sa mga nagwo-work na or
nag-O-OJT, di ba isang boss pa lang ang hirap na
pakibagayan, tapos may mga asungot ka pang co-workers.

They are wondering how come students in Diliman are
not achieving in contests, passing the UPCAT like
before. If you really know your Pisay history, then
classes ended at 2pm. So as your older teachers
attest, students then could be free to explore some
more and be more creative (which is a basic ingredient
of any innovation). Being free doesn’t mean your idle.
It means you relax your mind by playing sports, engage
in clubs, chat with your teachers. These informal
chats are actually more enriching because the teacher
will be more able to connect the lessons to a
student’s life.

STOP the INSANITY! Why are we such in a hurry to cram
everything in a teenager’s head even if he has a HIGH
IQ? Quality over quantity! Less is more! The geniuses
can take care of themselves, these are the type who
don’t care about anyone else. We must help those who
strive but certain structures make it difficult for
them to achieve their potential.

Please don’t hesitate to react because after we get
the Intrams approved, curriculum review is never far

Ito ang totoong pakikibaka! Remember corruption of the
best is the worst. We are making sure we are educating
the cream of the crop right so they can help more. The
massses will always follow anything that leads. A
pisay scholar is born to lead.

Your reactions affirm that small efforts DO make a DIFFERENCE!

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