February 25, 2003


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Graphviz is cool!


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Flashcard.el is pretty good. =) And useful.

gino story about theology

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Fr. Padua was talking about one of the reflection papers. Apparently,
he remembers me because of the high-tech way I do things. He said:

“‘What do you do if streetchildren run up to you on the street? …
You could give them a card telling them to go to the nearest
foundation, but then you realize they might not know how to read.’ It
started out so incredibly! You wonder why she started talking about

“Umm, sir, is that Sacha Chua?”

“Why, yes. Sandra Jean.”

He went on to say that it was a wonderful example of interdisciplinary
work, and that it showed that Theology didn’t have to be done for Theology’s sake only.

I feel all warm and fuzzy now. =)


February 25, 2003 - Categories: school

By the way, the paper I’m working on is at ../school/2002-sem2/ph104/paper3.tex