August 2003

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Aug 31Wearable status -Uncategorized
Aug 31Google calculator -Uncategorized
Aug 31FLE -Uncategorized
Aug 30Securing Debian -Uncategorized
Aug 30Game -Uncategorized
Aug 30Cat haiku -Uncategorized
Aug 29School of Humanities Lounge Day -Uncategorized
Aug 29TFI followups -Uncategorized
Aug 29Extreme programming: Process vs. culture -Uncategorized
Aug 27Exim port -Uncategorized
Aug 25*** Attendance -Uncategorized
Aug 25Bootstrapping Debian onto Bleeding-Edge Hardware -Uncategorized
Aug 24 -Uncategorized
Aug 24sachac: -Uncategorized
Aug 23Note -Uncategorized
Aug 21CS21A plans — education -Uncategorized
Aug 201. PAASCU reaccreditation: Pretty much finished. teaching
Aug 20foo bar -Uncategorized
Aug 19juman -Uncategorized
Aug 15Engels and Magie -Uncategorized
Aug 15fsedu -Uncategorized
Aug 13Broadway -Uncategorized
Aug 12New blog! emacs
Aug 12Java dev day? -Uncategorized
Aug 7Automatically detecting proxy settings 3 geek
Aug 7e-learning conference tomorrow -Uncategorized
Aug 7Oops, forgot my keys -Uncategorized
Aug 7Dominique’s birthday -Uncategorized
Aug 5Emacs macros emacs
Aug 5RSS feed emacs
Aug 5Plans -Uncategorized
Aug 5Experts -Uncategorized
Aug 5Teaching -Uncategorized
Aug 5Communication -Uncategorized
Aug 5Redesign -Uncategorized
Aug 5 -Uncategorized
Aug 5JPCS conference -Uncategorized
Aug 5Java patterns -Uncategorized
Aug 4FOAF -Uncategorized
Aug 4Invitations -Uncategorized
Aug 4Women and technical courses -Uncategorized
Aug 4Java -Uncategorized
Aug 4Enye (n with tilde) -Uncategorized
Aug 2Serg’s Tablea -Uncategorized
Aug 2 -Uncategorized
Aug 2 -Uncategorized
Aug 2Ran is looking for Revolution OS -Uncategorized
Aug 2Serg’s Cafe -Uncategorized
Aug 2configure-debian -Uncategorized
Aug 1Far-out science -Uncategorized