September 2003

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Sep 30“How Do We Tell Truths That Might Hurt”? -Uncategorized
Sep 30Composing messages in Gnus with elisp — emacs emacs
Sep 30Code for inserting student code emacs
Sep 30More past entries -Uncategorized
Sep 30Hello world, school, teaching, games — blast from the past -Uncategorized
Sep 30Perl script to suck courses files -Uncategorized
Sep 29SMIT Ed -Uncategorized
Sep 29TagBoard -Uncategorized
Sep 29Elisp snippet for mailing feedback emacs
Sep 29Upcoming ACM regionals -Uncategorized
Sep 27ff and C/C++ programming — Emacs emacs
Sep 27Okay, I think it’s time for me to rest. -Uncategorized
Sep 27“Revenge of the Coders” -Uncategorized
Sep 27ARGHHH. -Uncategorized
Sep 27ACM -Uncategorized
Sep 27Class day yesterday -Uncategorized
Sep 26Teaching thoughts -Uncategorized
Sep 26Find unit testing tools -Uncategorized
Sep 26Friendster -Uncategorized
Sep 25Alphabet blocks — education, fixme teaching
Sep 25Mario Carreon leaving UP Diliman -Uncategorized
Sep 25Computer Science Unplugged — education -Uncategorized
Sep 25Wow, remember-to-planner-plan-page still works emacs
Sep 25Kitten update -Uncategorized
Sep 25Python Emacs emacs
Sep 25khaire magsaya! — music, lit -Uncategorized
Sep 25gray clouds fight white clouds -Uncategorized
Sep 25More realizations -Uncategorized
Sep 25Still having problems with MX -Uncategorized
Sep 25Radical simplification of design -Uncategorized
Sep 25Oops, have to continue working on CS21A -Uncategorized
Sep 25Free online books -Uncategorized
Sep -Uncategorized
Sep 25du -h — linux -Uncategorized
Sep 25More about Flash MX on Linux -Uncategorized
Sep 25More news about opencourseware — education -Uncategorized
Sep 25“Britain’s “Cyborg Scientist” Spreads Cyber-gospel” -Uncategorized
Sep 25Free shell accounts 1 linux
Sep 24Links from the past -Uncategorized
Sep 24CS21a ideas for vectors -Uncategorized
Sep 24Khaire – literary night for tomorrow -Uncategorized
Sep 24HTML_Form and passwords -Uncategorized
Sep 24chora -Uncategorized
Sep 24Flash MX on Linux -Uncategorized
Sep 24Ethics talk with the philosophy department -Uncategorized
Sep 24CS21A today and Monday teaching
Sep 24info links from Emacs emacs
Sep 23On the introductory sequence teaching
Sep 23Open WinCE? -Uncategorized
Sep 23All hail John Wiegley -Uncategorized
Sep 23Notes in [[Writings.ComputerScienceEducation]] -Uncategorized
Sep 23Obstacle course? -Uncategorized
Sep 23Repositories -Uncategorized
Sep 23The call for open resources in education -Uncategorized
Sep 23Open source in education -Uncategorized
Sep 23Education sites -Uncategorized
Sep 23Text Twist exercise -Uncategorized
Sep 22Vector exercises -Uncategorized
Sep 22Oops -Uncategorized
Sep 20The Second Coming -Uncategorized
Sep 20CSS Zen Garden -Uncategorized
Sep 20Zippy USB Mini-Keyboard -Uncategorized
Sep 19Tracking people’s history 1 linux
Sep 19align-regexp emacs
Sep 19CS21A today teaching
Sep 19Encouragement =) -Uncategorized
Sep 19Automatic UPDATE on INSERT -Uncategorized
Sep 19More warm and fuzzy feelings -Uncategorized
Sep 17Lecturing on lecturing -Uncategorized
Sep 17Dr. Queena Lee-Chua’s Metrobank Outstanding Teacher acceptance speech 6 education
Sep 16Linux in Education links -Uncategorized
Sep 16Plans for CS21A tomorrow -Uncategorized
Sep 16CS1 site -Uncategorized
Sep 16Interesting words -Uncategorized
Sep 16Hare Race -Uncategorized
Sep 15Hyper in Emacs emacs
Sep 15SSH for DOS -Uncategorized
Sep 15Debian pre-installed laptops -Uncategorized
Sep 15canna-chasendic — a Japanese dictionary for ChaSen derived from Canna dictionary -Uncategorized
Sep 15Filipino speech corpus -Uncategorized
Sep 13Nifty Assignments -Uncategorized
Sep 13Naive tools for studying compilation history -Uncategorized
Sep 13CS education dissertations -Uncategorized
Sep 13Blogging as an educator -Uncategorized
Sep 13CS education weblog -Uncategorized
Sep 13mount –bind -Uncategorized
Sep 12TeachingReflections and BlueJ -Uncategorized
Sep 12Dr. Garcia needs help with Epson stylus c43sx -Uncategorized
Sep 12Removing messages from the postfix mail queue -Uncategorized
Sep 12Jops’s thesis is on Filipino text-to-speech 2 geek
Sep 12Instructional software design -Uncategorized
Sep 12“Reasons to Avoid Microsoft” -Uncategorized
Sep 12MimerDesk press release emacs
Sep 12Eric is trying to memorize pi -Uncategorized
Sep 12Sorting animations -Uncategorized
Sep 11Slashdot story? -Uncategorized
Sep 11Linked lists for people -Uncategorized
Sep 11Pisay considering open source -Uncategorized
Sep 11CS21A review project -Uncategorized
Sep 11Gnus funkiness – reply to multiple posts -Uncategorized
Sep 11On the benefits of my far-out exercises -Uncategorized
Sep 11OnTutoring teaching
Sep 10More education links -Uncategorized
Sep 10Oops! -Uncategorized
Sep 10Teaching meeting now -Uncategorized
Sep 10Meeting for CS21A earlier -Uncategorized
Sep 10Any questions? -Uncategorized
Sep 10Things I wish they had told me -Uncategorized
Sep 10Evaluations -Uncategorized
Sep 10Quick ideas for in-class activities -Uncategorized
Sep 10Great way to learn Japanese -Uncategorized
Sep 10No glamour in teaching? -Uncategorized
Sep 10Faculty meeting -Uncategorized
Sep 10Nobody asked me, but… -Uncategorized
Sep 10Helped with iptables problem -Uncategorized
Sep 10Setting up an Internet gateway -Uncategorized
Sep 10What to expect your first year of teaching -Uncategorized
Sep 10Research on Successful New Faculty -Uncategorized
Sep 10 -Uncategorized
Sep 10Human bingo — cs21a, education -Uncategorized
Sep 9Had dinner with Dominique, Eric and Andrei -Uncategorized
Sep 9Cube -Uncategorized
Sep 9Linuxjournal assignment emacs
Sep 9Tell dominique -Uncategorized
Sep 9USB mouse plus disk -Uncategorized
Sep 9Aforementioned #linuxhelp weirdness -Uncategorized
Sep 9Human bingo! -Uncategorized
Sep 9l33t people skillz -Uncategorized
Sep 9CS21A array exercises ideas -Uncategorized
Sep 9USB Watch -Uncategorized
Sep 9XGoogle? IRC search engine -Uncategorized
Sep 9Caimlas, artificial intelligence -Uncategorized
Sep 9The strength of Java user groups -Uncategorized
Sep 9Knuth quote -Uncategorized
Sep 9Interesting conversation on SIGCSE — education -Uncategorized
Sep 9Squid access controls -Uncategorized
Sep 8searching and sorting meeting -Uncategorized
Sep 8Mozilla plugin notes — linuxhelp -Uncategorized
Sep 8Elevator realization -Uncategorized
Sep 8Intertwingularity — research -Uncategorized
Sep 8quiz-a-day — cs21a, education -Uncategorized
Sep 8power problem -Uncategorized
Sep 8Lab idea: etch-a-sketc -Uncategorized
Sep 7Conversations with others -Uncategorized
Sep 7Nongnu? -Uncategorized
Sep 7Pizza patties — recipes -Uncategorized
Sep 7Quick warm-up cocoa — recipes -Uncategorized
Sep 7Pocket bread appetizers — recipes -Uncategorized
Sep 7Cheese-frank wrap-ups — recipes -Uncategorized
Sep 5Fingering -Uncategorized
Sep 5New news sources -Uncategorized
Sep 5Images -Uncategorized
Sep 4Teaching reflections — education -Uncategorized
Sep 4Wrote the quiz, too -Uncategorized
Sep 4Just finished the [[CS21AFirst03#Exercises.Aquarium][Aquarium]] exercise -Uncategorized
Sep 4Feedback on — cs21a, education -Uncategorized
Sep 4Compare notes with Dr. Sarmenta and Fanny -Uncategorized
Sep 4Niff music display applet -Uncategorized
Sep 4CS faculty meeting over chips -Uncategorized
Sep 4using ghostview to be a printer driver for cups -Uncategorized
Sep 3Jacqueline Antonio or Roselyn Santos -Uncategorized
Sep 3Alternative career? -Uncategorized
Sep 3More about caret browsing -Uncategorized
Sep 2Communication problems -Uncategorized
Sep 2Array review — cs21a, education -Uncategorized
Sep 2Open content textbooks -Uncategorized
Sep 2Created WearableComputingPlans -Uncategorized
Sep 2More about life, the universe, and everything -Uncategorized
Sep 2What “Finding Nemo” Character Are You? -Uncategorized
Sep 2Mozilla Firebird -Uncategorized
Sep 2Disabling automatic typeahead find -Uncategorized
Sep 2Message IDs on Mom’s mail -Uncategorized
Sep 2Migrating from Solaris to Linux -Uncategorized
Sep 2programming kata -Uncategorized
Sep 2Poetry -Uncategorized
Sep 1Funky binder -Uncategorized
Sep 1Hyperdictionary -Uncategorized
Sep 1Top Ten ways to combine fun and substance -Uncategorized
Sep 1Array ideas -Uncategorized
Sep 1Slashdot Trolling Phenomena -Uncategorized
Sep 1SSH Tunnelling -Uncategorized
Sep 1Unofficial APT sources -Uncategorized