January 2004

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Jan 30JM Ibanez’ stories -Uncategorized
Jan 30Interactive media, interaction design and physical interfaces -Uncategorized
Jan 30Percussion Freaks -Uncategorized
Jan 30Caimlas’ story -Uncategorized
Jan 30A Stone’s Throw – first draft -Uncategorized
Jan 29Lazy programming -Uncategorized
Jan 29Interactive media, interaction design and physical interfaces -Uncategorized
Jan 29Ragnarok on Linux -Uncategorized
Jan 28Functional decomposition and logic -Uncategorized
Jan 27Wearable computing -Uncategorized
Jan 27Tech writing -Uncategorized
Jan 27Wearable computing article -Uncategorized
Jan 27Letter to doctex -Uncategorized
Jan 27Use cases for scheduled updates -Uncategorized
Jan 27Met with docprex -Uncategorized
Jan 27Java and Linux -Uncategorized
Jan 27Other links -Uncategorized
Jan 27Resuming CookOrDie -Uncategorized
Jan 27Interesting links -Uncategorized
Jan 27TheologicalQuestions -Uncategorized
Jan 27Ganesh Swami responds -Uncategorized
Jan 27iKnow -Uncategorized
Jan 27“Now Where Was I? New Ways to Revisit Web Sites” -Uncategorized
Jan 27“Disabled to Get Greater Access to Linux” -Uncategorized
Jan 27CS1 assignments in Java -Uncategorized
Jan 27USB-powered head-mounted device -Uncategorized
Jan 27Gesture-based interfaces overview -Uncategorized
Jan 26Going Home -Uncategorized
Jan 25Benefits of color-coding -Uncategorized
Jan 25Weblogs as Filing Cabinets emacs
Jan 25The First Letter -Uncategorized
Jan 25Story -Uncategorized
Jan 24The First Letter -Uncategorized
Jan 24Story -Uncategorized
Jan 23BPI Science Award reunion -Uncategorized
Jan 23Tales from under my desk -Uncategorized
Jan 23Cool keyboards and mice -Uncategorized
Jan 23Cute Slashdot comment! -Uncategorized
Jan 22More thoughts -Uncategorized
Jan 22Ink-stained hands -Uncategorized
Jan 22Meeting an old semi-acquaintance -Uncategorized
Jan 22Free online books update -Uncategorized
Jan 22xauth recipe -Uncategorized
Jan 21Answer key -Uncategorized
Jan 20Script adoption -Uncategorized
Jan 20“Wireless for the Disabled” -Uncategorized
Jan 20“Transforming Thoughts Into Deeds” -Uncategorized
Jan 20“Lines Blurring Between Handhelds and Wearables” -Uncategorized
Jan 20CS21B -Uncategorized
Jan 20Scenes from the science fiction convention 1 conference
Jan 19Second sem thoughts teaching
Jan 19CS21A, reading exercises, and programming -Uncategorized
Jan 19Gerald Generoso’s reflections on being on the other side -Uncategorized
Jan 19Linux in Education -Uncategorized
Jan 19Twiddler problem -Uncategorized
Jan 16Ooooooh, call! -Uncategorized
Jan 16Girl! -Uncategorized
Jan 15Status report -Uncategorized
Jan 14xgesture -Uncategorized
Jan 14Mouse gestures -Uncategorized
Jan 14Window manager -Uncategorized
Jan 13Wayv and research potential -Uncategorized
Jan 13Geek power -Uncategorized
Jan 13Dominique’s cousin’s mailing address -Uncategorized
Jan 13Knitting so far -Uncategorized
Jan 13Woohoo! Emacspeak back up! emacs
Jan 12Knowing one’s self -Uncategorized
Jan 12On technology and lifestyle life, passion, purpose
Jan 12Timestamps all screwy -Uncategorized
Jan 12committing -Uncategorized
Jan 12Emacs hacks emacs
Jan 12“Head-Up Displays Get Second Chance” -Uncategorized
Jan 11Kernel configuration -Uncategorized
Jan 11Backlog of expenses -Uncategorized
Jan 11Reflections from the other day -Uncategorized
Jan 9WEP key for faculty LAN -Uncategorized
Jan 9More reviewers! -Uncategorized
Jan 9Basic balance calculation -Uncategorized
Jan 8Fantastic resource! Ateneo has access! -Uncategorized
Jan 8I have a really cute quiz for files -Uncategorized
Jan 8Back online! -Uncategorized
Jan 8Jargon File blog -Uncategorized
Jan 8Backlog of expenses -Uncategorized
Jan 4Cat collar -Uncategorized
Jan 4Counting in Dutch -Uncategorized
Jan 4Factoid surprise -Uncategorized
Jan 2Family businesses -Uncategorized
Jan 2Reading exercises -Uncategorized
Jan 2Monthly hacks: vc-arch.el emacs
Jan 2emacs-wiki-id.el emacs
Jan 2Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective -Uncategorized
Jan 2emacs-wiki sites emacs
Jan 2Emacs-wiki community wiki emacs
Jan 2Blogging is alive and well under Emacs emacs
Jan 2Emacs-wiki and RSS feeds emacs
Jan 2Places to visit -Uncategorized
Jan 1On losing my data -Uncategorized
Jan 1Paper: Problem-based learning for foundation computer science courses -Uncategorized
Jan 1Considering part-time -Uncategorized
Jan 1Ackpth, lost mail -Uncategorized
Jan 1Consolidating archives emacs
Jan 1LDAP admin -Uncategorized
Jan 1Good night in Dutch -Uncategorized
Jan 1Reaction to OnLove -Uncategorized
Jan 1File-local variables in vim -Uncategorized
Jan 1On days -Uncategorized
Jan 1SIGCSE: The first stop for computer science education research -Uncategorized
Jan 1Resolutions for 2004 yearly
Jan 1Old computer -Uncategorized