February 2004

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Feb 29Action groups for Emacs emacs
Feb 29Emacs chess emacs
Feb 29Oooh, aptitude -Uncategorized
Feb 29WHEE! -Uncategorized
Feb 29Nethack: getting out of trouble -Uncategorized
Feb 29Videoke results -Uncategorized
Feb 28RSS aggregator -Uncategorized
Feb 28Uh oh. -Uncategorized
Feb 28Dudley’s dungeon -Uncategorized
Feb 27Better font-locking in emacs-wiki emacs
Feb 27Ledger -Uncategorized
Feb 27Better! emacs
Feb 27emacs-wiki and the example tag emacs
Feb 27Bah, unrelated repositories emacs
Feb 27Public key needed for XEmacs packages emacs
Feb 27planner.el goodness emacs
Feb 27Printer details -Uncategorized
Feb 26Umbrella.net: Ad hoc social networks -Uncategorized
Feb 26Brilliant idea! emacs
Feb 26Thoughts on planner-notes emacs
Feb 26Nifty ideas for PlannerMode emacs
Feb 26Oooh, Emacs ubercoder status emacs
Feb 26ERC bot enhancements -Uncategorized
Feb 26Linux Installfest at Mapua IT Center -Uncategorized
Feb 26Linked list lecture postponed to Tuesday, March 2 -Uncategorized
Feb 25New feature in Java 1.5, which has been released -Uncategorized
Feb 25Eighth Workshop on Pedagogies and Tools for the Teaching and Learning of Object Oriented Concepts -Uncategorized
Feb 25Eighth Workshop on Pedagogies and Tools for the Teaching and Learning of Object Oriented Concepts -Uncategorized
Feb 25Teaching thoughts -Uncategorized
Feb 25Nethack -Uncategorized
Feb 25Density/gravity map of orkut profiles geographically mapped across the US -Uncategorized
Feb 25Nethack! -Uncategorized
Feb 24Lecture on stacks and queues -Uncategorized
Feb 24TODL, variation on LISP for cyborgs emacs
Feb 24Cute calendar emacs
Feb 24Better RFC for mail messages -Uncategorized
Feb 24The late night hack strikes again! -Uncategorized
Feb 24Lurker must do something like this already… -Uncategorized
Feb 24Another point: out of order messages -Uncategorized
Feb 24RFC for mail messages -Uncategorized
Feb 24I don’t need to worry about mbox parsing yet -Uncategorized
Feb 24Unix MBOX provider for javamail -Uncategorized
Feb 23Apache James -Uncategorized
Feb 23SocialNetworkBot -Uncategorized
Feb 23SocialNetworkBot -Uncategorized
Feb 23Social network analysis -Uncategorized
Feb 23Common networking errors teaching
Feb 23Sample ArrayList code -Uncategorized
Feb 23Sample ArrayList code -Uncategorized
Feb 23Nvu, a WYSIWYG HTML editor for Linux -Uncategorized
Feb 23planner.el broken up into lots of little files emacs
Feb 23Social networking diagram -Uncategorized, connecting
Feb 22Sample array code 1 geek
Feb 22YASD: Don’t cast sleep on the priest! -Uncategorized
Feb 22CS161 Finals -Uncategorized
Feb 22Exemptions for CS161 -Uncategorized
Feb 22Fantastic news! Wonderful news! Excellent news! -Uncategorized
Feb 22“View From the Alpha Geek” -Uncategorized
Feb 22“Inventors Strut Stuff at Demo Show” -Uncategorized
Feb 21How to be a good team lead -Uncategorized
Feb 21Upcoming CS161 finals -Uncategorized
Feb 21ACM problem idea -Uncategorized
Feb 20Code for Nethack screenshots in Emacs emacs
Feb 20CS161 announcements -Uncategorized
Feb 20Stuff Eric should check out -Uncategorized
Feb 20Chapter 2, “Editing and Navigating Java Source Code.” -Uncategorized
Feb 20Instructions for wearable chording keyboards -Uncategorized
Feb 20eBay service -Uncategorized
Feb 20meetup.com -Uncategorized
Feb 20CS21A: ArrayList -Uncategorized
Feb 20CS161: Notes on file systems -Uncategorized
Feb 19Twiddler problem unsolved -Uncategorized
Feb 19Good idea for nethack.el -Uncategorized
Feb 19Checking planner-rss autocategories emacs
Feb 19Geekiness -Uncategorized
Feb 19nethack code to check if a character has something in the inventory emacs
Feb 18WHEE! Twiddler works! 1 geek
Feb 17nethack-el 4 -Uncategorized
Feb 17Thoughts on the CS161 test -Uncategorized
Feb 17Emacs Learning Instruction Program emacs
Feb 17back-to-indentation: jump to first non-blank character -Uncategorized
Feb 16gnu.emacs.sources/tex-skak.el: a way to typeset chess moves and board diagrams in LaTeX emacs
Feb 16Picking projects for the open house -Uncategorized
Feb 16CS161 Long Test 2 anecdotes -Uncategorized
Feb 16Dilbert comic on dangerous geekettes -Uncategorized
Feb 16Ebook: Emacs in 24 hours emacs
Feb 16Windows to Linux roadmap -Uncategorized
Feb 15Chess site -Uncategorized
Feb 15Cleaned up planner-rss.el emacs
Feb 15ff-find-other-file -Uncategorized
Feb 14Wonderful day today! -Uncategorized
Feb 14RSS feed now available! -Uncategorized
Feb 14Bookmarking emacs
Feb 14Hey, RSS blogging seems to work! emacs
Feb 14Blogging to RDF emacs
Feb 14RSS export -Uncategorized
Feb 12Sean vs Sacha -Uncategorized
Feb 12Chess -Uncategorized
Feb 12CS problems -Uncategorized
Feb 12Slashdot story: how toy penguins and geek girls can help save the world. ;) -Uncategorized
Feb 12Dutch -Uncategorized
Feb 11The continuing saga -Uncategorized
Feb 11Awwww, he finally found out -Uncategorized
Feb 10Another one of those people =) -Uncategorized
Feb 10Modeline -Uncategorized
Feb 9More thoughts -Uncategorized
Feb 9New referrers -Uncategorized
Feb 9Chamberlain Fong -Uncategorized
Feb 9Wearable ring mouse -Uncategorized
Feb 9The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code -Uncategorized
Feb 9New story by JM -Uncategorized
Feb 9University of Canterbury -Uncategorized
Feb 8Dell blog -Uncategorized
Feb 8“Geeks Put the Unsavvy on Alert: Learn or Log Off” -Uncategorized
Feb 8DevC++ -Uncategorized
Feb 8Oops, lost notes -Uncategorized
Feb 6Guide to managing media and public relations in the Linux community -Uncategorized
Feb 6CleverCS -Uncategorized
Feb 5Advice for social networking services -Uncategorized, connecting
Feb 5Bot implants -Uncategorized
Feb 5Internationalization/localization in Filipino -Uncategorized
Feb 5Checking for unmatched parentheses -Uncategorized
Feb 5Eric’s testimonial -Uncategorized
Feb 5coke made a background -Uncategorized
Feb 5Reading a book in Emacspeak emacs
Feb 5New comic strip -Uncategorized
Feb 4Debconf4 -Uncategorized
Feb 4SIGGRAPH -Uncategorized
Feb 4New story: A Fairy Tale -Uncategorized
Feb 3Mock chili -Uncategorized
Feb 3Dealing with too much magic -Uncategorized
Feb 2Miguel Paraz on Livejournal -Uncategorized
Feb 2More geek personality tests -Uncategorized
Feb 2Old computers -Uncategorized
Feb 2Jerome topped the JITSE! -Uncategorized
Feb 1Ragnarok Online in Linux -Uncategorized
Feb 1Party reflections -Uncategorized