April 2005

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Apr 28Off to Banaue. travel
Apr 28On computer science education education
Apr 28Net install free and open source, linux
Apr 27Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Uncategorized
Apr 26Diarist prompts writing
Apr 26Hipster PDA: Month view organizer, planning
Apr 25Blogging party blogging
Apr 24Index cards for today: Boredom prevention device, Contingency plans, Hipster PDA, Taxi Uncategorized
Apr 22General instructions for assignments -Uncategorized
Apr 22Banaue cultural festival from April 28 to May 1 1 philippines
Apr 22Movie marathon barkada, friends, party
Apr 21planner.el goodness emacs, goodkarma, planner
Apr 21Gamasutra article on game dev in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines philippines
Apr 21planner-el-3.29 emacs, planner
Apr 20Google search changes filipino
Apr 20Hipster PDA organizer
Apr 20sacha/planner-add-recent emacs
Apr 20sacha/emacs-wiki-markup-string emacs
Apr 20Mensa Qualifying Session Uncategorized
Apr 20Sticky notes hack productivity
Apr 20Running Linux on G-mail linux
Apr 19Freenet appreciation day Uncategorized
Apr 19Graphic Expo 2005 contests Uncategorized
Apr 19Subic barkada, friends
Apr 16Wonderful chat barkada, friends
Apr 15Met with Aristotle Isais friends
Apr 14On organization emacs, organization, planner
Apr 13flpsed -Uncategorized
Apr 13Went to Pisay Uncategorized
Apr 13Keeping it Personal 3 emacs, organizer, productivity
Apr 13Chat with Ranulf barkada, friends
Apr 12Open source and developers free and open source
Apr 11Fixed the network connection adphoto
Apr 10Lightning completion and highlight completion emacs
Apr 9A fun-filled day: part 3. At Pipers family
Apr 9A fun-filled day: part 2. Pottery lessons cat
Apr 9A fun-filled day: part 1. Lunch with Nishida japanese
Apr 8World domination Uncategorized
Apr 8Philippine Open Source Conference 2005: possible talk on “Linux in Your Pocket”? free and open source
Apr 7Adphoto notes adphoto
Apr 7I’m on Yahoo 360 social
Apr 6Title suggestions emacs
Apr 6Open source licenses free and open source
Apr 6PIM love productivity
Apr 5Horrible customer service business
Apr 5Chat with Sean barkada, friends
Apr 5About procrastination emacs, productivity
Apr 3Just got back from a trip to Tagaytay Uncategorized
Apr 3Afternoon with Engels and Magie free and open source, linux
Apr 3Today: making the pitch business
Apr 2Major website revamp emacs
Apr 2Dr. Oposa’s party party
Apr 1Fantastic explanation of cost of software free and open source
Apr 1Went to bars party