February 2006

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Feb 28Finished my tenth speech! toastmasters
Feb 28Sweet potato and chicken vinaigrette salad cooking, cookordie
Feb 28Good Food Box: Pear Poofery cooking, cookordie
Feb 27Debian’s still alive! Uncategorized
Feb 27Insulated -Uncategorized
Feb 27Hooray for Ateneo! -Uncategorized
Feb 27Snuggling up -Uncategorized
Feb 26Three hours delay and that’s okay -Uncategorized
Feb 26Happy birthday to Clair! barkada
Feb 23Had a blast! -Uncategorized
Feb 22‘tinerant Tuesday emacs
Feb 22Boston Science Museum Uncategorized
Feb 19Long but fun day -Uncategorized
Feb 17New tools for discovering people -Uncategorized
Feb 17Social researchers social
Feb 17Lazy web -Uncategorized
Feb 16No Eclipse for me… -Uncategorized
Feb 16Blogbridge – nifty! blogging
Feb 16Information architecture summit: heavy on tagging! research
Feb 15Research-happy! -Uncategorized
Feb 15Scrabble game results Uncategorized
Feb 15Darn you, SELinux! -Uncategorized
Feb 15Valentine’s -Uncategorized
Feb 13I could’ve danced all night… Uncategorized
Feb 13Tsokolate eh! cooking
Feb 9CookOrDie: Minestrone cooking, cookordie, friends
Feb 8Tragedies -Uncategorized
Feb 7Toastmasters toastmasters
Feb 7Tomorrow is my mother’s 60th birthday family
Feb 6Traditions philippines
Feb 6CookOrDie: Meatball mishaps cooking, cookordie
Feb 5Why I like the Emacs editor emacs
Feb 5Cold and raining outside, warm and fuzzy inside -Uncategorized
Feb 4Banking arghs -Uncategorized
Feb 3Grey, grey, grey -Uncategorized
Feb 2MIE1407F results -Uncategorized
Feb 2Gave a talk at Toronto Interacts -Uncategorized
Feb 1Thank God I’m a Filipino! filipino, philippines
Feb 1Toastmasters geek, toastmasters
Feb 1Metadata course school
Feb 1Happy socks sad