June 2008

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Jun 30Hooray, figured out Drupal 5 multi-step registration form with validation and invites 9 drupal
Jun 30Quick weekly report, week ending June 29, 2008 3 weekly
Jun 24Holding my (quality assurance) horses 1 geek
Jun 22Trudge, trudge, trudge 6 connecting, emacs, writing
Jun 22Web 2.0 @ Work: Creating a professional profile 4 connecting, web2.0
Jun 22Weekly review: Week ending June 22, 2008 1 weekly
Jun 19Paperwork 2 Uncategorized
Jun 19Networking for new hires 6 connecting, passion, presentation, talk
Jun 15Weekly review weekly
Jun 15Exploring the senses at the Ontario Science Centre 4 life
Jun 12Programmatically creating CCK nodes in PHP (interaction with the Path module) 5 drupal
Jun 12How to scale presentations up or down – the art of timing presentation, speaking
Jun 12Storytelling in presentations 2 communication, presentation, speaking, story
Jun 11Setting up your Drupal development environment 26 drupal, geek
Jun 10Drupal meetup in Toronto later – 7:00 at the Drake 2 drupal
Jun 10Notes on backporting modules from Drupal 6 to Drupal 5 drupal
Jun 10IBM Pass It Along – social learning! 2 enterprise2.0, ibm, web2.0
Jun 9Learning Japanese? Here are some useful resources 9 japan, japanese, learning
Jun 8Weekly review weekly
Jun 8A geek’s guide to Toronto 3 friends, geek, life
Jun 7Emacs Gnus: Filter Spam 6 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Jun 2Drupal makes me feel like Bruce Lee + Jackie Chan 9 drupal, sketches
Jun 2Drupal: Storing data in the user profile 5 drupal
Jun 2Drupal: Adding lines to settings.php in an installation profile 2 drupal, geek
Jun 1Drupal: Lather, rinse, repeat – Cleaner development with installation profiles and Makefiles 6 drupal, geek
Jun 1Weekly review: Week ending June 1, 2008 weekly