August 2008

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Aug 31Weekly review: Week ending Aug 31, 2008 3 sketches, weekly
Aug 29Editors for blogging blogging
Aug 29On Changing the World 3 life, passion
Aug 29Celebrating the little things you learn 2 learning, life
Aug 28Mindmapping on infinite paper 2 geek
Aug 28Cintiq 3 sketches
Aug 27Work that I love: reflecting on the whats and hows career, life, work
Aug 27Mouse woes on Ubuntu Hardy geek
Aug 27Emacs and W3M: Toggling between work and the Web 6 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Aug 26Weekly review: August 16 to August 23 2 weekly
Aug 26Just ordered a tablet 1 geek
Aug 21BarCampManila 1 geek
Aug 21The Leisure of Work life
Aug 21Many hats: Technical writer geek
Aug 19Emacs and w3m: Fake your user agent 3 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Aug 19Running groups of Drupal tests from the command line 3 drupal
Aug 18Emacs and w3m: Quick searches 3 emacs
Aug 18Weekly review: Week ending Aug 17, 2008 1 weekly
Aug 12Sweet! Facebook in Emacs! 8 emacs
Aug 12Why browse the Web in Emacs? 8 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Aug 12Happy birthday to me! 6 family, life
Aug 8Drupal 5: Migrating a production database to a QA server 1 development, drupal
Aug 8Deploying to servers 1 development, kaizen
Aug 6Do what works for you; It’s not about being Gen Y, it’s about being new 1 geek, learning, life
Aug 6Making things tangible: agile bug-tracking with LEGO! 3 geek
Aug 6Lifehacking: Switching to a rolling laptop bag 8 life
Aug 6Drupal, Emacs, and templates: Module update functions 2 drupal, emacs
Aug 5Drupal shell: quickly evaluating PHP statements in a Drupal context 4 drupal
Aug 4Finding something worth talking about 4 presentation, speaking
Aug 4Emacs and Gnus: zomg, new chapter out the door! 10 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Aug Replacing dingbats 2 geek
Aug 4Emacs: Caps lock as M-x 6 emacs
Aug 3Year in review: Life as a 24-year-old 4 life, yearly
Aug 3Switching to Ubuntu linux
Aug 2Weekly review – week ending Aug 1-ish 1 weekly