Setting up my new tablet PC – apps, config, etc.

  • AdAware: check the computer for any malware from previous owner’s use – checked out clean
  • Dropbox: synchronize my files
  • Emacs: note-taking, personal information management, awesomeness
    • Set HOME directory in Control Panel – System – Environment Variables
    • Use mklink to create symbolic links under Windows
    • Write a simple .emacs that loads the dotemacs.el in My Dropbox/elisp
  • AutoHotkey: map Caps to Control and create all sorts of other useful shortcuts
    • Add My Dropbox/personal/shortcuts.ahk to my startup
  • Launchy: quick access to programs
  • Inkscape and MyPaint: Favourite free drawing programs
    • Set drawing tools to use last selected style
    • Set preferences for transforms: don’t scale strokes, etc.
    • Tinker with smoothing to get something that feels right
  • Google Chrome: set up synchronization for bookmarks and extensions
  • FeedDemon: Feed reader, easier than using Google Reader interface
  • StrokeIt: Gestures make pen computing even easier
    • Set up custom gestures for Inkscape, FeedDemon, and general operation
  • Windows Live Writer
  • Windows setup: Use a plain black background, turn off unnecessary visual effects, go back to old form of Alt-Tab. (When alt-tabbing, press the other alt key to switch to classic view.)

And that should be enough to get me working smoothly for now. I might dual-boot Ubuntu or run it in a virtual machine, depending on how well this 32-bit version of Windows 7 performs. If I find myself spending more time in Microsoft Windows because of all the tablet-y goodness, I’ll go the VM route, or I’ll give Cygwin another try.

SCHEDULED: 2010-08-29 Sun 08:00