January 2014

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Jan 31Learning from people 1 connecting, learning, mentoring
Jan 30Getting better at learning on my own 6 learning
Jan 29Ramping up delegation 2 delegation
Jan 28A conversation about writing, and reflections on taskmasters 2 experiment, writing
Jan 27Other-work and self-work experiment, sharing
Jan 26Weekly review: Week ending January 24, 2014 weekly
Jan 24HHO007: Setting up for success Helpers Help Out
Jan 24Simplifying with Stoicism: examining negative feelings 2 reflection
Jan 23Thinking about my reading 4 reading
Jan 22Improving and delegating more of my podcasting process 3 delegation, podcasting
Jan 21How to read blogs efficiently with a feed reader 6 learning, reading, tips
Jan 20Becoming my own client; also, delegation 2 delegation, experiment, plans, quantified
Jan 19Weekly review: Week ending January 17, 2014 weekly
Jan 17HHO006: Success Stories – Jeff Bond (and friends!) Helpers Help Out
Jan 17Canadian winter tips canada, clothing, life
Jan 16Drawing in action drawing
Jan 15Share while you learn 6 sharing
Jan 14Adapt to your learning style learning, tips
Jan 13Some tips for learning Org Mode for Emacs 22 org
Jan 11Weekly review: Week ending January 10, 2014 weekly
Jan 10HHO005: Make Your Listing Better Helpers Help Out
Jan 10Caring for things without caring about things 1 life
Jan 9Exploring colours drawing
Jan 8Dealing with feeling scattered as a writer 3 writing
Jan 7Planning my learning; It’s okay to learn in a spiral 2 learning, plans
Jan 6Planning a time-tracking workshop for Quantified Self Toronto 4 quantified
Jan 5Monthly review: December 2013 monthly, review
Jan 4Weekly review: Week ending January 3, 2014 weekly
Jan 3Thinking about routines after an extended trip life
Jan 2Building a habit of drawing with colours drawing
Jan 1Year in review: 2013 4 yearly