March 2014

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Mar 31Emacs Basics: Call commands by name with M-x (with tips for better completion using ido or helm) emacs, emacs-basics, podcast
Mar 30Weekly review: Week ending March 28, 2014 weekly
Mar 28Visual book review: Conscious Millionaire: Grow your business by making a difference (JV Crum III) entrepreneurship, visual-book-notes
Mar 27Emacs tweaks: Export Org checkboxes using UTF-8 symbols 8 emacs, org, tips
Mar 26Thinking about how virtual assistants can help me with learning and writing 4 blogging, delegation
Mar 25Sketchnotes 2013 in print, yay! 10 publishing, writing
Mar 24Emacs Basics: Using the mouse emacs, emacs-basics, podcast
Mar 23Weekly review: Week ending March 21, 2014 weekly
Mar 21Living your dream 6 life, reflection
Mar 20Emacs, Evernote (through enscript.exe), and Org links emacs, org
Mar 19Contemplating co-op: How can I get to the point of being able to offer a good high school co-op placement? 9 delegation
Mar 18Goal factoring, reflecting on what I can do with my time, and enjoying a buffet of goals 8 planning, time
Mar 17Static friction and socializing 4 connecting
Mar 17Replay: Meloney Hall interviewed me about sketchnoting drawing, podcast, sketchnotes
Mar 15Weekly review: Week ending March 14, 2014 weekly
Mar 14Frugal Fire 002: Justin McCurry (RootOfGood) Frugal FIRE, podcast
Mar 14Going fishing for three years 3 experiment
Mar 13Frugal Fire 001: Introductions Frugal FIRE, podcast
Mar 13Drafting a baby-steps guide to managing your tasks with Org Mode for Emacs emacs, org
Mar 12How much does it cost to start with virtual assistance? 2 delegation
Mar 11Describing my personal knowledge management routines with Harold Jarche’s Seek-Sense-Share framework 6 learning, podcast, process, sharing
Mar 10Good enough, good, awesome: Thinking about what I want to get to learning, plans
Mar 9Monthly review: February 2014 monthly, review
Mar 8Weekly review: Week ending March 7, 2014 weekly
Mar 7How I animate sketches with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and Camtasia Studio 2 drawing, process
Mar 6New free/pay what you want resource: Sketchnotes 2013; also, Emacs Dired rocks 3 drawing, emacs
Mar 5Delegation update 2 delegation
Mar 4More notes on managing a large blog archive: 17 things I do to handle 10+ years of blog posts 8 blogging, wordpress
Mar 3Reflecting on what I want to contribute to and how interested people might (semi-)work with me 2 experiment
Mar 1Weekly review: Week ending February 28, 2014 weekly