Dec. 29 Learning about patchwork and sewing sewing
Dec. 28 2015-12-28 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news
Dec. 26 Weekly review: Week ending December 25, 2015 review, weekly
Dec. 23 What’s worth making? sewing
Dec. 22 2015-12-21 Emacs Hangout emacs
Dec. 21 2015-12-21 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news
Dec. 19 Weekly review: Week ending December 18, 2015 review, weekly
Dec. 18 Scripting and the grocery store flyer geek
Dec. 15 Scan ~/bin and turn the scripts into Emacs commands emacs
Dec. 14 2015-12-14 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news
Dec. 12 Weekly review: Week ending December 11, 2015 review, weekly
Dec. 10 2015-12-10 Emacs Chat: John Wiegley on maintaining Emacs and how you can help emacs, Emacs Chat
Dec. 9 Scripting and the Toronto Public Library’s movie collection geek
Dec. 7 2015-12-07 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news
Dec. 5 Weekly review: Week ending December 4, 2015 review, weekly
Dec. 5 Making my to-do list more detailed; process versus outcome emacs, org, productivity
Dec. 2 Monthly review: November 2015 monthly, review
Nov. 30 2015-11-30 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news
Nov. 29 Trying out dual-booting Linux again geek, linux
Nov. 29 Weekly review: Week ending November 27, 2015 review, weekly
Nov. 27 Org Mode tables and fill-in quizzes – Latin verb conjugation drills in Emacs emacs, org
Nov. 23 2015-11-23 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news
Nov. 22 Weekly review: Week ending November 20, 2015 review, weekly
Nov. 20 Mail with Gnus on Windows emacs
Nov. 19 2015-11-18 Emacs Hangout emacs
Nov. 16 2015-11-16 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news
Nov. 16 Exploring neighbourhood libraries and other notes from the Toronto Public Library Hackathon development, geek, kaizen
Nov. 15 Weekly review: Week ending November 13, 2015 review, weekly
Nov. 9 2015-11-09 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news, review
Nov. 9 Weekly review: Week ending November 6, 2015 review, weekly
Nov. 5 Capturing links quickly with emacsclient, org-protocol, and Chrome Shortcut Manager on Microsoft Windows 8 emacs, org
Nov. 2 2015-11-02 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news, review
Nov. 2 Monthly review: October 2015 monthly, review
Nov. 2 Weekly review: Week ending October 30, 2015 review, weekly
Oct. 28 Python + sewing: Making basic shapes and splitting up larger patterns geek, sewing
Oct. 27 Programmatically rescaling and manipulating the darts in sewing patterns geek, sewing
Oct. 26 2015-10-26 Emacs News emacs, emacs-news, review
Oct. 25 Weekly review: Week ending October 23, 2015 review, weekly
Oct. 20 Fabric from the thrift store sewing
Oct. 19 Decision review: Mid-range phone (Moto G), and thinking about how to get even more out of it decision, geek, review
Oct. 18 2015-10-18 Emacs link round-up emacs, emacs-news
Oct. 18 Weekly review: Week ending October 16, 2015 review, weekly
Oct. 16 Wow, literate devops with Emacs and Org does actually work on Windows emacs, org
Oct. 15 2015-10-14 Emacs Hangout emacs
Oct. 11 Weekly review: Week ending October 9, 2015 review, weekly
Oct. 6 Monthly review: September 2015 monthly, review
Oct. 6 Learned how to replace a zipper sewing
Oct. 3 Weekly review: Week ending October 2, 2015 review, weekly
Sep. 30 Pattern-making: Generating SVGs for sewing with Python and tmtp geek, sewing
Sep. 29 Weekly review: Week ending September 25, 2015 review, weekly
Sep. 27 Bubble tea and tapioca pearls cooking
Sep. 25 Update on Emacs Conf 2015 videos; Org Mode tables and time calculations emacs, geek, org
Sep. 20 Weekly review: Week ending September 18, 2015 review, weekly
Sep. 13 Weekly review: Week ending September 11, 2015 review, weekly
Sep. 7 Weekly review: Week ending September 4, 2015 review, weekly
Sep. 6 Emacs Conf video tech notes: jit.si, twitch.tv, livestreamer, ffmpeg emacs, geek
Sep. 4 Monthly review: August 2015 monthly, review
Sep. 4 Weekly review: Week ending August 28, 2015 review, weekly
Sep. 4 Making things around the house life
Aug. 28 Weekly review: Week ending August 21, 2015 review, weekly
Aug. 20 Weekly review: Week ending August 14, 2015 review, weekly
Aug. 14 August 2015 Emacs Hangout emacs
Aug. 12 Life as a 31-year-old review, yearly
Aug. 11 Weekly review: Week ending August 7, 2015 review, weekly
Aug. 6 Org Mode date arithmetic emacs, org
Aug. 5 Thoughts about time philosophy, reflection, time
Aug. 3 Monthly review: July 2015 monthly, review
Aug. 3 Weekly review: Week ending July 31, 2015 review, weekly
Jul. 31 Pleasure and utility reflection
Jul. 30 Weekly review: Week ending July 24, 2015 review, weekly
Jul. 21 What I’m learning from Borderlands 2 life
Jul. 19 Weekly review: Week ending July 17, 2015 review, weekly
Jul. 16 July 2015 Emacs Hangout emacs
Jul. 12 Weekly review: Week ending July 10, 2015 review, weekly
Jul. 7 Gradually evolving my data entry interfaces quantified
Jul. 7 Monthly review: June 2015 monthly, review
Jul. 5 Weekly review: Week ending July 3, 2015 review, weekly
Jul. 4 Exploring our grocery numbers quantified
Jun. 30 Emacs Hangout June 2015 emacs
Jun. 30 Weekly review: Week ending June 26, 2015 review, weekly
Jun. 25 Summer canada, life
Jun. 23 Notes from helping with physics teaching
Jun. 22 Past, present, and future reflection
Jun. 21 Weekly review: Week ending June 19, 2015 review, weekly
Jun. 19 Moving past getting things done experiment, reflection
Jun. 18 Finding missing dates in PostgreSQL geek
Jun. 18 Working with fragmented thoughts drawing, reflection, writing
Jun. 16 Using your own Emacs Lisp functions in Org Mode table calculations: easier dosage totals emacs, org
Jun. 15 Providing values to functions in org-capture-templates emacs, org
Jun. 14 Weekly review: Week ending June 12, 2015 review, weekly
Jun. 12 Growth, experiments, and shifting my preferences philosophy, reflection
Jun. 12 Thinking about problem-solving and sequencing development, learning
Jun. 10 Tweaking my daily routines for that feeling of progress experiment, life
Jun. 9 Using Emacs Org Mode tables to calculate doses to buy emacs, org
Jun. 8 Adding calculations based on time to the Org Agenda clock report emacs, org
Jun. 7 Weekly review: Week ending June 5, 2015 review, weekly
Jun. 5 Recreating and enhancing my tracking interface by using Tasker and Javascript android, geek
Jun. 5 Thinking about simplifying capture on my phone android, geek
Jun. 3 Thinking about changing interests learning, reflection
Jun. 3 A deeper dive into absent-mindedness and misplacing things analysis
Jun. 2 Monthly review: May 2015 monthly, review
May 31 Weekly review: Week ending May 29, 2015 review, weekly
May 30 A constant observer reflection
May 29 Leaning into absent-mindedness kaizen, research
May 28 Various cooking-related notes cooking
May 27 Building tools for myself: grocery receipt tracking quantified
May 26 Thinking about adaptive menus for tracking design, development, geek, quantified, research
May 24 Weekly review: Week ending May 22, 2015 review, weekly
May 22 Building tools for my future self idea, planning
May 22 What it’s like to work with data business
May 21 Fuzzy brain; also Ni No Kuni life
May 19 Mapping knowledge learning
May 18 What do I want instead of or in addition to advice roundups? blogging
May 17 Weekly review: Week ending May 15, 2015 review, weekly
May 15 Laptops and lap cats life
May 14 Shifts in my writing blogging, quantified, reflection
May 14 2015-05-13 Emacs Hangout emacs
May 13 What kind of tribe do I want to build around Quantified Self in Toronto? connecting, quantified
May 12 From dreams to experiments experiment, philosophy
May 11 Laser-cutting bias tape in off-cut regions sewing
May 11 Weekly review: Week ending May 8, 2015 review, weekly
May 9 Quantified Self: The numbers on sewing quantified, sewing
May 7 Quiet afternoons and weeks experiment
May 6 Planning the next things I want to sew sewing
May 5 Embracing the fuzziness productivity
May 5 Monthly review: April 2015 monthly, review
May 3 Weekly review: Week ending May 1, 2015 review, weekly
Apr. 30 2015-04-30 Emacs Hangout – hosted by Philip Stark emacs
Apr. 30 Reading while fuzzy book
Apr. 29 Tech and the kitchen cooking, geek
Apr. 28 More thoughts on fuzzy days life
Apr. 27 Assorted sewing-related sketches and thoughts sewing
Apr. 27 Weekly review: Week ending April 24, 2015 review, weekly
Apr. 24 Learning from a diversity of ways to live a significant life experiment
Apr. 23 Cultivating coping mechanisms happy, reflection
Apr. 22 What Stoicism means to me philosophy
Apr. 21 More ideas for tech and the home geek
Apr. 20 What I’m learning about small talk connecting
Apr. 20 Weekly review: Week ending April 17, 2015 review, weekly
Apr. 18 Being extra-kind to myself experiment, life
Apr. 17 Considering tech and the home experiment, geek
Apr. 16 Emacs Hangout 2015-04-15 show notes emacs, podcast
Apr. 15 Laser cutting update: Marvel version geek, sewing
Apr. 14 Squirrel brain writing
Apr. 12 Weekly review: Week ending April 10, 2015 review, weekly
Apr. 11 Experimenting with spending more time at Hacklab connecting, geek, time
Apr. 10 To never need to be needed connecting
Apr. 8 2015-04-08 Emacs Lisp Development Tips with John Wiegley emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Apr. 8 Thinking about my sewing next steps, particularly with the laser cutter sewing
Apr. 6 Monthly review: March 2015 monthly, review
Apr. 6 Laser cutting registration experiments and cutting long pieces of fabric geek
Apr. 5 Weekly review: Week ending April 3, 2015 review, weekly
Apr. 3 What can I do to support friends? connecting
Apr. 2 Starting from a small life experiment
Apr. 2 John Wiegley on organizing your Emacs configuration with use-package emacs
Mar. 31 What do I want to get ready for next? experiment
Mar. 30 Sketched Book – Self-compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind – Kristin Neff visual-book-notes
Mar. 30 Weekly review: Week ending March 27, 2015 review, weekly
Mar. 27 Quantified Self: How can you measure freedom? quantified
Mar. 26 The balance between doing and improving – evaluating yak-shaving emacs, learning
Mar. 25 Dipping my toes into the ETF waters finance
Mar. 24 Learning to live slowly experiment
Mar. 23 Sketched Book – The Obstacle Is The Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph – Ryan Holiday philosophy, visual-book-notes
Mar. 23 Weekly review: Week ending March 20, 2015 review, weekly
Mar. 20 The imperfect fungibility of time: thinking about how to use money to accelerate learning learning
Mar. 19 Emacs Hangout 2015-03-18 show notes emacs
Mar. 18 Thinking about when I enjoy helping people teaching
Mar. 17 A reflection on otium philosophy
Mar. 16 How can I make better use of my index card drawing process? drawing, learning
Mar. 16 Weekly review: Week ending March 13, 2015 review, weekly
Mar. 13 Future pull and the power of imagination planning
Mar. 12 Enjoy the prep work productivity
Mar. 11 Emacs Org Mode and the power of plain text emacs, org
Mar. 10 Getting better at writing other-directed posts writing
Mar. 9 Sketched Book – The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right – Atul Gawande kaizen, visual-book-notes
Mar. 8 Monthly review: February 2015 monthly, review
Mar. 7 Weekly review: Week ending March 6, 2015 review, weekly
Mar. 6 Alternatives to sitting meditation: How I clear my mind reflection
Mar. 5 Cultivate memories deliberately life
Mar. 4 Getting Helm and org-refile to clock in or create tasks emacs, org
Mar. 3 Shrinking my learn-do-share-review cycle learning, sharing
Mar. 2 Sketched Book: Write Faster, Write Better – David A. Fryxell visual-book-notes, writing
Mar. 2 Weekly review: Week ending February 27, 2015 review, weekly
Mar. 1 Back to sewing! sewing
Feb. 27 Trying on common goals life, planning
Feb. 26 Tell the difference between diminishing returns and compounding growth when it comes to investing in skills learning, productivity
Feb. 25 Using Emacs to prepare files for external applications like Autodesk Sketchbook Pro emacs, org
Feb. 24 Different dimensions of scaling up business, experiment
Feb. 23 Learn how to take notes more efficiently in Org Mode emacs, org
Feb. 23 Sketched Book – So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love – Cal Newport career, visual-book-notes
Feb. 22 Weekly review: Week ending February 20, 2015 review, weekly
Feb. 20 Emacs: Peer-to-peer coaching is easier when you use impatient-mode to share your buffer emacs
Feb. 20 Intentionally interrupting momentum and limiting flow productivity
Feb. 19 Break down what people mean so that you can learn from the specifics learning
Feb. 19 Experimental Emacs Hangout 2015-02-18 emacs
Feb. 18 Windows: Pipe output to your clipboard, or how I’ve been using NodeJS and Org Mode together emacs, geek
Feb. 17 Learning from people connecting, learning
Feb. 16 Org Mode: Reusing the date from file-datetree-prompt emacs, org
Feb. 16 Sketched Book: Take Charge of Your Talent: Three Keys to Thriving in Your Career, Organization, and Life – Don Maruska, Jay Perry (2013) career, visual-book-notes
Feb. 15 Miscellaneous memories life
Feb. 14 Weekly review: Week ending February 13, 2015 review, weekly
Feb. 13 Experimenting my way to an awesome life life, purpose, quantified
Feb. 13 Continuous integration and code coverage for Emacs packages with Travis and Coveralls emacs
Feb. 12 Help your readers discover more posts by organizing your content with a reverse outline blogging, writing
Feb. 11 Getting started with Emacs? Empty your cup emacs
Feb. 10 Envy and other people’s writing writing
Feb. 9 Colour update drawing
Feb. 9 Let’s have a virtual Emacs conference in August – help me make it happen! conference, connecting, emacs
Feb. 8 Weekly review: Week ending February 6, 2015 review, weekly
Feb. 7 Japanese curry at Hacklab, curry udon at home cooking
Feb. 6 Digital index piles with Emacs: Rapid categorization of Org Mode items emacs, org
Feb. 6 The 5-year experiment: A conversation with my anxious side, and how sharing time might be better than giving money delegation, experiment
Feb. 5 Clear out your drafts by scheduling Minimum Viable Posts blogging, writing
Feb. 4 De-dupe and link: Using the Flickr API to neaten up my archive and link sketches to blog posts development, geek
Feb. 3 Meta-post: Revising my post on emptying one’s cup writing
Feb. 2 Monthly review: January 2015 monthly, review
Feb. 2 Learning from artists: making studies of ideas drawing, learning, writing
Feb. 1 Weekly review: Week ending January 30, 2015 review, weekly
Jan. 31 Finding a model for my sharing experiment
Jan. 30 Getting data from Org Mode tables emacs, org
Jan. 30 Learning to work on my own things experiment
Jan. 29 Read business books more effectively through application, visualization, or reviews learning, reading
Jan. 28 Emacs microhabit: Switching windows with windmove, ace-window, and ace-jump emacs
Jan. 27 Writing: Open loops, closed loops, and working with forgetfulness blogging, writing
Jan. 26 Emacs kaizen: helm-swoop and editing emacs
Jan. 26 Sketchnote Hangout: Playing with colour drawing
Jan. 25 Weekly review: Week ending January 23, 2015 review, weekly
Jan. 24 Filling in the occupational blanks experiment
Jan. 23 Visualizing the internal citation network of my blog visual, wordpress
Jan. 23 Emacs Chat with Steve Purcell Emacs Chat, podcast
Jan. 22 Move your goalposts to get around an inability to finish projects productivity
Jan. 21 Developing Emacs micro-habits: Abbreviations and templates emacs
Jan. 20 Breaking down the skill of outlining writing
Jan. 19 Improving my evil plans for Emacs emacs, sharing
Jan. 19 Minimizing upward or downward skew in your sketchnotes drawing
Jan. 18 Weekly review: Week ending January 16, 2015 review, weekly
Jan. 17 Drawing thoughts on index cards blogging, drawing
Jan. 16 Thoughts in context: Connecting posts to my blog post index wordpress
Jan. 15 Think more effectively by typing to yourself writing
Jan. 14 2015-01-09 Emacs Hangout emacs
Jan. 13 Deliberately making sense learning, writing
Jan. 12 Sketched Book: Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action – Simon Sinek purpose, visual-book-notes
Jan. 12 Weekly review: Week ending January 9, 2015 review, weekly
Jan. 9 Thinking about how to make better use of Yasnippet in my Emacs workflow emacs, org
Jan. 8 Predictable advice about productivity productivity, writing
Jan. 7 Emacs kaizen: ace-isearch combines ace-jump-mode and helm-swoop emacs
Jan. 6 Monthly review: December 2014 monthly, review
Jan. 5 Morning, afternoon, evening, commute: thinking about what to do when (sketched) productivity
Jan. 4 Review: Week ending January 2, 2015 review, weekly
Jan. 2 2014 in review review, yearly
Jan. 1 Learning a little more quickly learning