May 2015

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May 31Weekly review: Week ending May 29, 2015 review, weekly
May 29A constant observer 2 reflection
May 28Leaning into absent-mindedness kaizen, research
May 27Various cooking-related notes 1 cooking
May 26Building tools for myself: grocery receipt tracking 1 quantified
May 25Thinking about adaptive menus for tracking design, development, geek, quantified, research
May 24Weekly review: Week ending May 22, 2015 review, weekly
May 22Building tools for my future self 3 idea, planning
May 21What it’s like to work with data business
May 20Fuzzy brain; also Ni No Kuni 2 life
May 19Mapping knowledge 2 learning
May 18What do I want instead of or in addition to advice roundups? blogging
May 17Weekly review: Week ending May 15, 2015 2 review, weekly
May 15Laptops and lap cats life
May 14Shifts in my writing blogging, quantified, reflection
May 132015-05-13 Emacs Hangout 11 emacs
May 13What kind of tribe do I want to build around Quantified Self in Toronto? connecting, quantified
May 12From dreams to experiments 3 experiment, philosophy
May 11Laser-cutting bias tape in off-cut regions sewing
May 10Weekly review: Week ending May 8, 2015 review, weekly
May 8Quantified Self: The numbers on sewing quantified, sewing
May 7Quiet afternoons and weeks 1 experiment
May 6Planning the next things I want to sew 3 sewing
May 5Embracing the fuzziness productivity
May 4Monthly review: April 2015 monthly, review
May 3Weekly review: Week ending May 1, 2015 review, weekly