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Planner cited as a reason to defect to Emacs


You point is well taken. I find myself living in an application more and more. At work, it’s my editor
and I’d like it to handle the G.T.D. tasks and my schedule. I never set out to do this, I’ve just seen it

Tyler will probably love being able to create hyperlinked tasks from anywhere. =)

praytothemachine » Should I defect to Emacs?

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xtla goodness ([[EmacsTips#note19][EmacsTips:19]]”[[emacs]])

I used xtla to browse my TLA archives today. xtla’s bookmarks and
missing patch summary made merging missing patches much easier. I used
m to mark interesting patches and . r to replay
the marked patches. Great stuff.

In related news, I’ll really need to migrate the archive. At 98414
characters, our ChangeLog is now 1/5 of the size of the source code
(457478 bytes). Dev’s changelog is much bigger—147672 bytes.

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43Folders: Snapshots of a Dream Productivity App

Hooks and more hooks – As I’ve repeated until I’m hoarse, apps like Quicksilver change the way you use
your Mac. Drastically. Ditto for any app that’s open to interaction via (the vastly underutilized) OS X
Services. There are smart ways to provide some kind of access to most any program without switching from
the foreground app and the task at hand. I want ways to append information, create new items, and do any
“capturing” from wherever I am. At the very least, I want a universal “drop box” to which I can
periodically return to process, file, and enrich any kind of productivity app data (reminders, phone
numbers, notes, etc.).

See, Planner’s onto something here.

We’re not very good at ad hoc collections, though.

43 Folders: I Want a Pony: Snapshots of a Dream Productivity App

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Proof of concept: Deleting private tasks

It’s easy to tweak Planner. For example, the following two lines of
code delete all lines that contain {{private}} before publishing. Your
planner pages will be fine, but the published HTML won’t contain them.

(add-to-list 'planner-publishing-markup (lambda () (delete-matching-lines "{{private}}")))

Fun, isn’t it?

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