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byron uy

Ran into Byron Uy again. He’s still looking for a job. Told him Cebu might not be such a bad idea after all. He gave me “The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes” as a belated Valentine’s gift.

Aadisht Khanna and t-shirts

Aadisht Khanna’s recent W-Fillet is right. Plain T-shirts are
useful. I can write trendy political messages on them (geek code
alert!), advertise my website, and generally have fun.

Unfortunately I will probably have to more or less dress like a
teacher next semester, and I feel an urge to be somewhat dressier than
the T-shirt and shorts/pants guys at the CS department.

In other clothes news, my mom (in a fit of indulgence, no doubt) got
me a red leather dress. Ooooooooh, goodie… =)

Ranulf head of Manila chapter of International Game Designers Association; Eric head of acads


Ranulf Goss, a support specialist from the Philippine office of
anti-virus firm Trend Micro, was named the new chairman of the Manila
chapter of the International Game Development Association (IGDA).

Among the first to be named are World Cybergames Philippines
coordinator Tjader Regis to head of the IGDA Events Group; Spoon
Interactive’s Willy Tang to head the Interactive Group; Gabby Dizon
and Luna Cruz, both of whom had worked with Anino Entertainment to
head the Arts and Design Group; and Ateneo de Manila University
professor Eric Vidal to head the Academic Group.

I think we’ll see great things from this group. =)

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Tons of fun

Clair Ching‘s birthday party was tons of fun.
The scavenger hunt in UP was more of a leisurely stroll around famous
UP landmarks, and we enjoyed a great picnic on the grass after all our

I’m assmilating JM into our collective. ;) He’s a good fit. He’s
interested in kinesthetic puzzles, chess, books, firespinning, and
writing. =)

Dominique has been absolutely wonderful. I’m torturing Marcelle by
being so obviously thrilled—but I can’t help it. He’s just
so… <smile>

I’m glad to be home.

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