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Tagging places, and the power of stories

When I looked at tag-based applications that didn’t work, I thought geotagging sites like Platial missed the tagging boat. What was the use of tagging Toronto as Canada, for example? But then Chris Messina showed me how he uses Wayfaring, Flickr, and videoblogging to coordinate the search for a good space for coworking. He and a bunch of friends keep track of possible places. They take pictures of addresses and places, and they also take videos for reconnaissance.

Good stuff! That totally makes sense now. I needed his story to figure out how the pieces fit together.

Random Japanese sentence: ウサギの耳は猫の耳よりも長い。 The ears of a rabbit are longer than those of a cat.

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Pinoy Web 2.0

Check out for Web 2.0 geeks in the Philippines. =) Luis Buenaventura is teh cool.

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Random Japanese sentence: 秘密をばくろするのは、心理的に最も効果のある時である。 It is the psychological moment to let the cat out of the bag.


It’s a good thing that I’ve been cramming my paper all day, or I would’ve felt seriously upset about missing web 2.0 for good, an unconference on social software for social change. Mumble! Actually, no, I still feel annoyed because it hadn’t been on my radar at all. That’s what I get for not watching as often as I should. Blast blast blast blast blast. Next time…

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Random Japanese sentence: 猫は生きたネズミをもて遊んでいた。 The cat was playing with a live mouse.

Web 2.0 and entrepreneurship

From the Kagay-anon Linux Users’ Group mailing list:

sa mga hilig ug web/2
one page lang na guide; gamit kaayo..

sa mga hackers ug novell fans

The first link is a quick guide to typical Web 2.0 interface stuff. is an even shorter list. ;)
(Heh. Also read )

I read KLUG every so often even though I can’t understand Bisaya… =)
It’s fun, and I’ve found a number of interesting people that way. For
example, Botp Peña (who posted these links) conducts free Ruby on
Rails training, and it looks like Botp Peña is also interested in

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E-Mail from Botp Peña

Random Japanese sentence: ボップ・ボップ・キャット・ボップ。 Bop, bop cat bop.

More thoughts about social computing

Come to think of it, the hardest and most interesting part won’t be figuring out how the technology works. That takes time and experimentation, but it’s quite doable. What’s really tough and fun is figuring out how people work, how communities work, and how to support that while changing their behavior…

It’s not about blogs, wikis, etc. It’s about communication and community…

Random Japanese sentence: 猫は捕らえたネズミを引き裂き始めた。 The cat began to tear at the mouse it caught.

Social media for social change

This is one of the reasons I love technology.

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Random Japanese sentence: ある日、彼女はペットの猫がほしいと私に知らせました。 One day, she told me that she wanted a pet cat. Aru hi, kanojo wa petto no neko ga hoshii to watashi ni shirasemashita.