More GCBirzan stories — education

*GCBirzan* I teach CCNA courses for a local Cisco Academy
 Mmm. In our database class, we're allowed to use any database
         management system we want as long as it groks SQL.
 So you also have your teaching stories. =)
*GCBirzan* you'd assume people that come there are a) generally clued or b)
*GCBirzan* well, no, I don't :P
*GCBirzan* since you can't really have much of a class about how, say, a
           router transmits a packet over to its next hop, if you they don't
           know how ARP works
 Do they?
*GCBirzan* and then I go back to explaining ARP, and then I find out they
           can't grope the concept of ethernet segments and so forth
*GCBirzan* and when I think I'm all done, and I go back to the original issue,
           I find out they've forgotten everything :P
  So your problem is that they lack the essentials. When were
         they supposed to have learned those?
 Err, lack the prerequisites.
*GCBirzan* no, I'm saying they're having the mentality of the Romanian student