Reflection on 2003.10.30

Hacked on planner.el and planner-id.el. Practically rewrote
planner-id.el, in fact, as I wanted to use an alist of data instead.
Have gotten it mostly working.

Played an amusing real-time card game named “Falling.” The objective
of the game is simply to hit the ground _last_. Exciting play,
although the table can get fairly messy. Might be something fun for

Got a call from Richi. Yay! =)

Remembered reflection on holidays and
resolved to do something different.

Met Kris, Martin-Nix-Tala-Mog’s friend. Laid-back sort of person.
He’s interested in surfing.

Chatted with SuperLag from #linuxhelp. Warm and fuzzy feeling,
good karma. =)

Did well: met one new person in real life and talked to another more
on the Net.

Could be improved: procrastinated following up on unapplied ACM Lite

Have resolved to write a book Real Soon Now.