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1. Pink and frilly: 01:08

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I gave a talk at IBM on a few cool technologies that interns should know about: blogging, social bookmarking, and the corporate directory. I dressed up a little for it. I changed as soon as I got home, of course, trading the pinstripe blazer and skirt for a thoroughly pink and frilly outfit consisting of a T-shirt, a miniskirt (hello, Kathy!), pink socks trimmed with lace, and red shoes.

Sometimes you just have to let loose. =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 私は猫を家の外に出した。 I let the cat out of the house.

2. Collective ingenuity: 01:47

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Let 1,000 Ideas Bloom is a good overview of different web sites that make it easy for people to share their nifty ideas. The article was published on November 27, 2003. What are the Web 2.0 services that have entered the space of idea-sharing since then?

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Random Japanese sentence: その猫は高くのびた草を利用してその鳥の方にしのびよった。 The cat took advantage of the high grass to creep on the bird.

3. Fountain pen: 18:01

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I have a new fountain pen, and all is right with the world. It's a Waterman Harmonie with a beautiful red body, some heft, and a fine tip. It's a joy to write with.

I shopped at both Laywine's near Bay Street and Sears in Eaton Centre before settling on this pen. The sales staff at both stores were absolutely wonderful, zeroing on the pens that might fit me. They even joked about trying out the really expensive Mont Blanc pens ("And if you look over here we have a really comfortable pen for around $725") while helping me find a converter-based pen within my price range. The sales clerk who pointed me to the perfect pen also warned me that pens can be an addictive habit: "... then you see another pretty one and you just have to have it, and before you know it, you're buying a case to protect and display the pens..."

It's a lot more expensive than the things I'd usually buy (I bought a $3 plastic tripod from Active Surplus today! =) ), but there's just something about having a good pen...

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Random Japanese sentence: 今すぐ大金をつかみたい亡者がうようよしている。 Greedy cats are out for a fast buck.

4. My goal in life: sales and marketing?: 18:23

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I spent a leisurely afternoon walking around Toronto, wandering into the buildings featured in Doors Open. I was fascinated by the historical displays of medals and photographs in the Royal Canadian Military Institute, the stateliness of Osgoode Hall and the rich library of the courthouse. Seeing all these places steeped in history and story helped me think about how I want to change the world. =)

I cooled off in Chapters, reading books on things like T-shirt surgery, business, and small talk strategies. The ideas blended in with my reflections on the past few weeks, and I realized something about myself that I hadn't dared admit before.

The things I'm good at and want to get better at? They look suspiciously like sales and marketing.

Now, before all the geeks start booing and hissing me for selling out, let me explain why I think this is perfectly in line with my geeking. ;)

I love the way technology makes my life better. I love technology so much that I want to help other people figure out how they can make the most of technology. I can't hack _all_ the things I want people to know about, but if I know other people who can, or I know of products or services that can do the job, I want people to discover them.

I want to learn more about building relationships with people and between other people, and I want to build those relationships by helping people discover things that might be useful for them.

It fits me, too. I love telling people about cool tools and interesting technologies. I love writing down notes during conversations and following up with people afterwards. I love connecting with people and understanding where they're coming from. Heck, I love reading every single blog post inside IBM, getting the overall picture, and connecting people whenever I can.

Hooray! I have more words to describe what I want to do. I can recognize more opportunities. I have a better idea of what help I need to get. =) I need to learn more about sales and marketing in order to figure out how I can get started and how I can scale. I have a long way to go...

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Random Japanese sentence: 私は犬の方が猫より好きです。何故なら前者の方が後者より忠実ですから。 I like dogs better than cats, because the former are more faithful than the latter.