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1. Barbecue: 03:31

Today marked another milestone. I bought another set of place settings - Corelle frosted white, bringing up my Corelle count to 8 matched sets (4 square, 4 circular). A 50-piece cutlery set (a cheap one; it will do) rounds that out. I also bought a teapot, which allows me to serve green tea in an attractive way. I think I'll be hosting a number of these barbecues, and it's good to entertain with things I like.

I'm thinking of getting the wine charms I saw at Harumi's party so that I can clip them to mugs and make it easier for people to keep track of which mug is theirs.

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Random Japanese sentence: おしゃべりの人は、いつもの秘密をばくろしってえは他人の利が愛を冒している。 A talkative person is always letting the cat out of the bag and jeopardizing the interests of others.

2. Potluck lucky: 03:34

Barbecue potlucks are a lot more fun than taking care of everything myself. =) I get to see other people's specialties! For example, Wayne Young made this truly awesome chocolate cheesecake with amaretto and amaretti. A<grin> Wow.

Must have another potluck dinner sometime soon.

Random Japanese sentence: ネコは暗い所でも目が見える。 A cat can see in the dark.

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