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How can I give you a better sense of the person whom I like? Perhaps by thinking out loud, I'll be able to understand the situation better myself. Besides, my mom wants more details. <laugh>

Over the past few weeks, I've spent some time thinking about relationships. Not a lot of time, mind you: my excitement about Enterprise 2.0 and my work at IBM is still my priority, although I haven't written much about it on this blog.

I've come to believe that a relationship may extend me and help me grow. Life may be more interesting with someone who knows my past, experiences the present with me, and helps me imagine the future I want to create for myself and for others.

I can see how I'd be a good fit for him. He admires my social skills: the way I draw people into conversations or look for diplomatic resolutions for tricky situations. I'm good at listening to him, drawing him out, helping him reflect and understand. Most of all, I remind him of what's important and whom he wants to be.

Does he fit me well? I'm not sure yet. I admire his dissatisfaction with the status quo and his drive to improve it through the design of low-cost technology. As a human being, he is at least aware of several problems he's been having, which is better than not knowing at all. And he does have moments of great clarity, like when we were looking up at the stars at his parents' place.

I need to get to know him more, though. It's unfortunate that he doesn't blog, so I can't point you to an archive of his thoughts. I don't even know the stories that have shaped him. What I've seen so far is mixed, but promising. =)

We'll just have to see.

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