END; require_once "include/calendar.php"; require_once "include/planner-include.php"; require_once "include/header.inc.php"; ?> I need to set up a mail server. Simple, right? Am currently struggling with cyrus-imapd.

Aha. I see. I need to use system passwords. Okay, cyradm -u cyrus localhost imap gives me a prompt.

Oh, joy! twig installs and works flawlessly. I tried out openwebmail, horde2, horde/imp, and squirrelmail, and only twig installed without a hitch. I had to edit /etc/postfix/main.cf and add the IP to mydestination, but after that, it worked like a charm.

Maybe I can use some iCal-based thing.

phpgroupware looks useful, but the interface is too cumbersome for the office, I think. The daily matrix thing seems like a good idea, though.


A1XSet up twig on the IntranetServer (2003.03.19)
A2XSet up a DHCP and DNS server on the IntranetServer (2003.04.04)
A3XReinstall Debian on the IntranetServer (2003.04.04)
A4XInstall PHP {{Tasks:311}} (2004.01.01)
A5XGet the scheduler working {{Tasks:312}} (2004.01.01)
A6XSet up intranet mail server--here we go again... {{Tasks:830}} (2004.04.05)

You know, I have a sneaky suspicion that Outlook 2000 will do the job. Yes, I know it's a Microsoft product, but at least they'll be using something while I try to figure out shared scheduling in Linux...

It seems that all it needs is a mail server. I've got that set up. All the computers use DHCP, so I'll install a DHCPd and a DNS server, so they can just refer to @intranet .


1. Cyrus21

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I dusted off the Linux computer I'd set up previously, uninstalled courier, and started an installation of cyrus21. Squirrelmail's still installed and configured, but the IMAP server needs some tweaking. We'll get mail up and running first before we worry about files and other services.


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