“Hello, tech designers? This stuff is too small”

ACM TechNews links to http://www.usatoday.com/usatonline/20030304/4914082s.htm, an article about how small things are getting. Americans seem to not like the idea of tiny devices, but I certainly do! I'm typing this now on a Sony PCG-U1, which is among the smallest notebooks in the market. I've adapted to its keyboard, and am starting to find the P1110 keyboard a little too large. True, I'm still typing in QWERTY - have to do some tests to see whether QWERTY actually suits this computer better than Dvorak. I need both hands on the keyboard in order to type Dvorak - a consequence of having done Proper Training - but can cheerfully two-finger type QWERTY.

I'd love to have the ring-phone they described - "a receiver on one finger, a speaker on another and a wireless transmitter on the belt." As long as I never lose it, of course, and as long as the rings are _thin_. I don't wear rings because my fingers are small, and most rings tend to be fairly bulky. A bracelet, on the other hand - one that doesn't unclasp easily - or a watch... That'd be fun.