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Got an idea? Have a question? I’d love to learn and share!

I prefer blog comments, Twitter, then e-mail, in descending order.

I currently don’t accept advertising, press releases, and other commercial material for my blog. Because this is a personal blog, I rarely accept guest posts (especially not generic ones). If you have something you think really fits my interests, send it to me, explain why it’s a great fit, and we might talk about it. Better yet, post it somewhere else and send me a link.

You can e-mail me at [email protected]. I tend to respond to e-mail weekly. Well, actually, more like once a month these days…

Possible topics of mutual interest

Some of the less-common things I do are:

I’ve made a commitment to openness and scale. This means:

  • If we have a video or audio interview, I’d like to post the recording on my YouTube channel and the resources on my blog. If you’re okay with it, I’d love to open up the interview or presentation to a live audience as well. I can set up and facilitate a Google Hangout on Air.
  • If we conduct the interview by e-mail, I’ll also post the results on my blog.
  • I’ll share any resources I create under the Creative Commons Attribution license. You retain the copyright to anything substantially created by you, and we can negotiate if things are mixed.
  • If you prefer to be unattributed, I can anonymize the names. If you are open to being linked to, I’ll include a link at my discretion.

If your audience is part of an exclusive membership site or you’re interviewing me for something commercial, that’s all right, as long as my part is freely available (at least on my side). You’re welcome to offer that part as a free preview on your side, which may be a good way to market the rest of your paid content. If you charge a fee for access to your content or have sponsors, please disclose that in your request. We can work out suitable arrangements.