Refreshing my Linux install

- Download

- Download

- Boot grub with the following commands:

  kernel (hd0,2)/root/root.bin ide0=ata66 initrd=/root/root.bin
  initrd (hd0,2)/root/root.bin

- Gleefully delete the other partitions except for the main XP one (we’ll leave one lying around just in case – it’s only 5G, anyway.)

- Create a 550 MB swap partition as /dev/hda2.

- Create a 5 GB partition for / – this is /dev/hda3.

- Allocate the remaining space for /mnt/data – this is /dev/hda4.

- Carelessly reboot.

- Start panicking.

What are my options?

- Find the hard disk, transplant it to the Vaio, install Linux over

the network, and proceed to have fun.

- Find one of those USB hard disk storage things, transplant the hard

disk into it, then do a debootstrapped install.

- Wait for someone to bring me a USB floppy drive.

- Panic.