Parents very supportive of CookOrDie project. Suspect they find it funny as youngest daughter makes far-out attempts to become "independent girl" while still remaining v. close to parents. To wit: have told them about double-entry accounting (but have been slipping these days due to rush-rush CookOrDie grocery shopping), CookOrDie project, and even contemplated SewOrDie project as cannot easily find clothes to wear - teacher clothes somewhat boring, but most clothes my size too casual. (That said, find The Black Shop a nice place to window shop.) As result of parental support, have now acquired full complement of pots, pans, and knives. Parents have thankfully kept space and cooking limitations of CookOrDie project in mind - no huge woks or for-several-thousand-people pans. Parents unbelievably keen on youngest daughter learning how to cook. Parents enlisted help of company cook in teaching how to make rice, although as had been very busy this weekend, had not actually had time. However, performed rice experiment earlier with mom with great success. Cooked 1/2 cup rice traditional way and 1/2 cup rice microwave way. Did not actually know correct microwave procedure, so guessed. Microwave finished first, but had problems with boiling over - suspect must use deeper casserole. Traditional way documented on rice package resulted in good rice after 20 minutes, although also resulted in crunchy part which most Filipinos like but personally am not particularly fond of. Also, prepared very first cup of tsokolate. May need strainer, but is v. nice - although a bit rich. Perhaps water instead of milk is advisable.