RMAIL labels

You know, labels are a pretty good idea. Gnus should have support for this…

  • Joeckson

    Still using Rmail?

  • Moeckson

    Does Rmail work there with Windows 7, 64bit? Here I get ‘movemail invalid option -‘.

  • Gosh, I haven’t looked into Rmail since about 2004. Sorry I can’t be of more help! I currently SSH into a Linux virtual machine so that I can use Gnus easily.

  • Moeckson

    Ok, thanks, it seems Windows 7 or XP does not get same treatment as Gnu/Linux, which is understandable, of course, but then it can be written, Gnu Emacs for Windows, but without Rmail for Windows 7, 64bit. I wanted to test if it is theoretically possible to read emails using nothing else than Gnu Emacs, and Rmail.

    If Emacs experts can not answer this question, I do not mean you, how should Emacs beginners do it then?