Raw scores for enneagram test


You scored as a Seven.

On your left is a breakdown of your scores, ordered from highest to lowest. If you are not the type you scored highest as, you might be one of the types you scored next highest as. The highest possible score is 28, and the lowest is 0. Each type is linked to additional information on that type. On your right is the breakdown of how many questions you answered in favor of each triad group.

Type Score
Seven 20
Five 14
Nine 8
Two 8
Six 8
Four 8
One 8
Three 5
Eight 5

Your Raw Scores by Triad

Preferred intelligence triad

Behavioral 891 0
Emotional 234 0
Mental 567 7

Hierarchical styles triad

Control 258 2
Harmony 369 0
Ideals 147 5

Coping styles triad

Positive 792 5
Competency 135 2
Reactive 468 0

Social styles triad

Assertive 378 3
Compliant 126 1
Withdrawn 459 3

Remember that your Enneagram type is not how you score on a test, and the reliability of this test has not been established. You should regard its results with skepticism, using them only to guide you in discovering for yourself what your Enneagram type is.

Each point in favor of a type comes from answering a question in favor of a triad containing that type. This test measures for four different triads. Three of them are described by Riso & Hudson in The Wisdom of the Enneagram, and three are described by Hurley & Dobson in What's My Type?. All four triads are part of my own Enneagram Theory. It is currently rough and unfinished, but you can look at it in its draft form if you're curious.


Primary Intelligence: Mental
Coping Style: Positive
Social Style: Assertive
Hierarchical Style: Ideals

Sevens use their mental intelligence to create a positive spin on life by coming up with various utopian possibilities about how things could be. They can be very inspirational as they assert their utopian ideals about how people can live better lives or make the world a better place. Robin Williams is a well-known Seven, and his character in the movie Dead Poets Society is an excellent example of this. By regularly imagining how things can be good or made better, Sevens tend to be very optimistic, and their optimism gives them the confidence to assert themselves in the world, going after whatever it is they want.