ACM results! YAAAAY!!

2nd place Miguel Arguelles, Mark Punzalan, Allan Espinosa
8th place Mike Gonzalez, Jino Noel, Topher Rigor
12th place Cliff Lim, Reinabelle Reyes, Charles Yeung
12th place Eric Uy, Josh Agarrado, Russell Santos
Honorable Mention Michael Tan, Kendrick Saavedra, Akie Mejia

Most of them were my students! I'm so proud of everyone. <grin> I think Great Things are possible.

More news from Mike Gonzalez:

Miguel's team was only slightly slightly behind the winners. And the sample output was simply wrong on one of the problems that they solved, so it caused a few wrong submissions and enough penalty points to kick them into 2nd place. I think they're contesting that to see if they can do anything about it... in any case, the organizers told them they have a good chance at being a wildcard team to be sent to the world finals in Shanghain in April. :)

Hey, at one point Miguel's team was the only team with four problems solved, my team was the only team with three problems solved, and all the other teams had two problems or less. Doc Mana must have been thrilled. ;p

That's out of the 80+ teams at the Manila site! Me and Miguel's team are the 1st and 2nd best Filipino teams, respectively.

Thanks for everything you taught us in CS139.3 last sem, you were a great help. And thanks for the congratulations, we couldn't be more proud. :)

Hope you're doing well in Japan! Take care, Sacha. :)

Let me just say that we owe Doc Mana _so_ much. Heh. Father of competitive computing in Ateneo. ;)