Eclipse plugin: Emacs Environment to Eclipse

– Use tab to indent the current line.

A TLUGger mentioned this as a barrier to use recently, so may be
interested in this plugin.

Not sure how Emacsy things become, though.

  • Actually Eclipse was the first IDE that finally got me out of Emacs. Though Emacs was powerful and customizable, the UI for managing multiple files, refactoring, and general consistency with everything else Windows (not so much with Mac which I am doing penance for) are all a major plus for me.

    This was back in Eclipse 2.0.

    I still look back at Emacs once in a while on the Mac or when I am considering a plain text editor (which till now is a bit of a compromise with Notepad++).

    I do miss the quick macros of Emacs though, but in the end I find that I can think in Perl faster than recording a macro when there are more than 10 steps.

    That said to each his/her own. I believe that tool choice should be left to the end users myself, but a baseline should still be set by the organization. I don’t think that tool choice should not be forced by the organization (CMMI level 3 if done without proper guidance).