Reflections on study methods

I think I'm overdrilling the kanji. I need to finish the chuukyuu homework in less time, though. According to my timeclock (absolutely wonderful, that thing is!), this is how I spent my day yesterday:

0:38:30 Kanji lesson 25: Review
0:39:38 Take my laundry down and iron it
0:02:43 Kanji lesson 25: Second review
0:38:12 Kanji lesson 26: 1st pass
0:22:07 Dinner
0:31:04 Chuukyuu homework 13
0:06:35 Kanji lesson 26: 2nd pass
0:18:56 Chuukyuu homework 14
0:31:12 Kanji lesson 27: 1st pass
1:08:55 Chuukyuu homework 15

for a total of around 5 hours and much tiredness.

Perhaps I can use electronic flashcards instead, although I won't be able to sort it that easily. Instead of sorting, I can perhaps skip over stuff I already know. Using flashcard.el's Leitner method will result in overdrilling again. I should practice writing based on the reading, as that will also take care of making sure I learn onyomi.

Maybe I should make two passes per group of five kanji, then one pass through the whole thing. After that, I'll do the homework. Review is done as one pass of writing through the whole thing.

I'm almost out of word cards. I'll need to either stock up on them or think of an electronic way to do this. I need quick access to the correct answer and a way to keep track of my progress. I have to resist the temptation to hack up something quickly. I shouldn't be thinking about writing a program to do the job. (Once a programmer, always a programmer)...

Mmkay. As for optimizing my chuukyuu homework: I should probably fill the vocabulary part all in one go. If I keep the computer open, I can use it to look up pronunciation. I should also review all of the grammar using the web-based training notes, as they provide just the bare essentials. When in doubt, I can turn to the paper version.


- Get my Chuukyuu chapter time down to 20 minutes.

- Break down my kanji study time into the time it takes me to copy the

kanji down, the time it takes me to make a first pass and the retention rate of such, the time it takes me to make a second pass, and how much time until I feel reasonably happy with my progress.

- Use another method for my second set of kanji: groups of five in

between Chuukyuu questions. Track total time.