43Folders: Snapshots of a Dream Productivity App

Hooks and more hooks - As I’ve repeated until I’m hoarse, apps like Quicksilver change the way you use your Mac. Drastically. Ditto for any app that’s open to interaction via (the vastly underutilized) OS X Services. There are smart ways to provide some kind of access to most any program without switching from the foreground app and the task at hand. I want ways to append information, create new items, and do any “capturing” from wherever I am. At the very least, I want a universal “drop box” to which I can periodically return to process, file, and enrich any kind of productivity app data (reminders, phone numbers, notes, etc.).

See, Planner's onto something here.

We're not very good at ad hoc collections, though.

43 Folders: I Want a Pony: Snapshots of a Dream Productivity App

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