The network tester I bought yesterday was very useful. Celine and Yaya suddenly lost network connection, and the tester quickly showed me that both cables going to the first floor had been significantly damaged. I showed Jun how the network tester tests individual wires. We think rats might have chewed on the wires. Jun will rewire the connection going downstairs. I gave him the wall mounts, networking jacks, cable reel, and network tester: he's all set to do some major networking stuff.

Celine didn't receive some mail Mom sent her, so I confirmed that the server had plenty of free space and I sent another test message. However, my mom's default settings with Globelines didn't work.

To prevent its mail servers from being used for spam, Globelines requires users to check their Globelines account before allowing them to send mail through its servers (POP before SMTP). I didn't want to save my mom's Globelines password on all the computers that needed to send mail. On 2005.03.03, I installed another network card in our IntranetServer and configured it to check my mom's Globelines account regularly. This worked without a hitch because I had assigned addresses to keep the two networks separate.

When they plugged the wireless router in, though, the factory defaults conflicted with my addressing scheme. I suppose she had luckily managed to avoid those problems for a while. Still, fixing it was just a matter of sitting down and configuring the router properly. I set the router password and the wireless security settings as well.

We're still not done arranging for Mom's flight to Canada. Argh. The printer's annoying, the website's somewhat frustrating... Mrph.

彼らは熱烈にいがみ合っている。 They fight like cat and dog.

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  • Leon

    CAT5 ethernet… was it solid core or stranded ?

    If it was solid core , was it attached to the wall securely ?

    solid core breaks easily.

    You have this solid tube of copper and you shove a dagger into it.
    Then you wiggle the end around …

    So you should use solid core only for connecting sockets.
    You use stranded cat5 for fly leads and leads with plugs on the end.

  • Stranded CAT5 – UTP. Not a bad way to do a network, although most network administrators don’t have to deal with mice of the non-computer sort…

  • No, actually, I had no idea that existed. Awesome! Something to keep me busy during the plane ride…