The conference was so much fun!

My laptop wouldn't talk to the projector, so I did my Knoppix talk without slides. I forgot to give people my e-mail address. Whoops. Still, I have a few contacts, and I guess that's a good start. Most people had already tried Linux, so I went for the evangelization-of-others angle instead, although I threw in a few benefits for newbies.

I misplaced Vahid's index card, but I know he's a Ma. IT student at USC. I should write to him about repartitioning.

Chatted with Lawrence and Justin over dinner. Turns out they're both into Stephenson and other SF stuff. (Thanks to Baryon for introducing me to those books!) I think I convinced Justin to try out Emacs.

It was tons of fun geeking out and swapping stories. Lawrence is a treasure-trove of business experience and geek stories. =)

Tired from a long but absolutely fun day. Good night!

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