Not joining the Rotary Club

Frank Adamo suggested joining the Rotary Club or the Rotaract Club, so I filled out the online application form for the Rotary Club of Toronto.

They politely suggested that I check out the Rotaract Club at the University of Toronto because I'm still young and unaccomplished (that is, I haven't yet completed my education and I'm not working full-time). I wrote them asking if I could attend as a guest anyway, and they said they don't allow guests because then there would be no reason to pay membership. They also pointed out that I probably won't be able to afford the rates unless I have a full-time job.

I can't afford their rates, and I'm not going to make joining them one of my financial goals. $175 per quarter + $30 per week is a whole lot of water systems for villages, hot meals for the homeless, books for kids... I'll focus on making the most of Toastmasters (I'd like to participate at higher levels). I'm also looking for a foundation that helps the homeless get back on track. Does anyone have a favorite Toronto-based charity that does that kind of work?