Pleased with myself

Joined hour-long exercise class for the second week in a row! Didn't feel completely wiped out afterwards, either. Had plenty of energy for pizza dinner at campus fair in Graduate House. Let's see if I can make it back next week. If so, maybe I can start going twice a week...

Also accompanied Cathy to check on lab experiment in pharmacy building (walking alone in the rain to do some work isn't fun, so I thought I'd provide company). That was very interesting—so many beakers and burettes! We talked about the weather on the way back. <laugh>

Met a new student on the way in. She asked where the common room is. I dropped off my umbrella at my room and grabbed a map, then headed down to show her the common room and see if I could introduce her to any of the RAs around. Over the course of discussion, it turned out that she had just finished the very same course I'm taking up—human computer interaction—and in fact my research supervisor was the one who encouraged her to apply for a Ph.D. at U of T. Good deed for today: introduced her to a couple of other people and made her feel welcome.


Great evening!